Higher Learning Commission

The Higher Learning Commission is a regional accreditor in the United States. It accredits post-secondary education institutions in the central United States: Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming; the headquarters of the organization is in Illinois. The United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognize the commission as the assigned regional accrediting organization. HLC grew out of the higher education division of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; the NCA dissolved in 2014. The Higher Learning Commission has five major criteria for accreditation, they are: Mission, Ethics and Learning: Quality and Support, Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement, Resources and Institutional Effectiveness. In 2009, the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Education criticized the Higher Learning Commission's oversight of for-profit colleges and recommended that the agency consider "limiting, suspending, or terminating the organization's status."

Although the OIG reaffirmed their recommendation that the department consider sanctions for the HLC the following year, adding critical reviews of HLC's accreditation of American InterContinental University and The Art Institute of Colorado, the Department of Education did not withdraw or limit HLC's accreditation authority. Six years in 2015, the OIG-ED again criticized HLC this time with an audit on the review process the HLC used while considering colleges’ proposals for competency-based credentials. AdvancED. Official website

District Council of Port Wakefield

The District Council of Port Wakefield was a local government area seated at Port Wakefield in South Australia from 1878 to 1983. The District Council of Port Wakefield was proclaimed along with its new neighbouring councils and Clinton, on 28 November 1878, it incorporated the entire Hundred of Inkerman as well as the western two thirds of the Hundred of Goyder and a small coastal portion of the Hundred of Clinton near the Wakefield port. The five inaugural councillors appointed on the date of the proclamation were John Rumble, John Smart, Richard Forrest, George Mayfield, George F. Mills. In 1888 the council annexed the unincorporated Hundred of Cameron as part of the District Councils Act 1887, but it was severed and annexed by the Snowtown council just two years later. In 1983 the Port Wakefield council ceased to exist when it amalgamated with the councils of Balaklava and Owen to form the District Council of Wakefield Plains; the following adjacent local government bodies co-existed with the Port Wakefield council: District Council of Snowtown lay north from its establishment in 1888 and north east from its annexation of the Hundred of Everard in 1889, the District Council of Blyth having laid north east of Port Wakefield council for the year of 1888.

The District Council of Balaklava lay east until amalgamating with Port Wakefield council in 1983. District Council of Dublin lay south and south east until it became part of the District Council of Light called Mallala council, in 1935. District Council of Clinton lay west of the boundary near the town of Port Wakefield. District Council of Kulpara lay north west. From 1932, following the annexation of the eastern part of the Hundred of Kulpara by the District Council of Ninnes, the latter lay north west


Charitraheen is a 1974 Bollywood drama film directed by Shakti Samanta. The film stars Sharmila Tagore; the film was on the program of the cinema S. Gabriel in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique in May 1975, it is a remake of Bengali movie "Kalankito Nayak" starrer Uttam Kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee and Aparna Sen. Sanjeev Kumar as Inder / Indrajeet Mukherjee Sharmila Tagore as Rama / Rosy Yogeeta Bali as Kamla Mukherjee G. Asrani as Debo / Devjeet Mukherjee Dina Pathak Asit Sen as Servant Raza Murad as Inder's Lawyer Utpal Dutt as Avinash's Lawyer Madan Puri as Avinash Lyrics by Anand Bakshi. Charitraheen on IMDb