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Highway 25 is a rural highway in southern Israel. It begins northwest of Nahal Oz at the border with the Gaza Strip, and it passes through Netivot, Beersheba and Dimona. It continues southeast toward Arava Junction, where it meets Highway 90. Its length is estimated by the Israeli Department of Transportation as 172 km and 780 meters.[citation needed]


Junction Location Intersecting roads
מעבר גבול נחל עוז
(Nahal Oz Border Crossing [out of service])
East of Gaza city None
צומת נחל עוז
(Nahal Oz Junction)
Nahal Oz Entrance to Nahal Oz
צומת סעד
(Sa'ad Junction)
Sa'ad Road 232 (northeast only)
צומת סעד מזרח
(Sa'ad Junction East) - unofficial name
Sa'ad Road 232 (southwest only)
צומת זמרת
(Zimrat Junction)
Zimrat Entrance to Zimrat, Shuva, Tushia and Kfar Maimon
צומת נתיבות
(Netivot Junction)
Netivot ISR-HW34.png Highway 34
צומת הגדי
(HaGdi Junction)
Beit HaGadi Route 293 (Israel)/Entrance to Magalim, Givolim and Mlilot
צומת תדהר
(Tidhar Junction) - unofficial name
Tidhar Entrance to Brosh, Tidhar and Ta'ashur
צומת גילת
(Gilat Junction)
Gilat Road 241
צומת הנשיא
(Hanasy Junction)
Eshel HaNasi Highway 31
צומת הטייסים
(Hatayasim Junction)
Beersheba Joe Yosef Alon Road
צומת אלי הכהן
(Eli Hacoen Junction)
Beersheba Road 406
Junction with Highway 60 Beersheba ISR-HW60.png Highway 60
צומת יצחק מצליח
(Yitzhak Matzli'ah Junction)
Beersheba Road 406
צומת שרה
(Sara Junction)
Beersheba ISR-HW40.png Highway 40
Unnamed junction Segev Shalom Entrance to Segev Shalom
Unnamed junction Nevatim Entrance to Nevatim
צומת ערערה בנגב
(Ar'ara BaNegev Junction)
Ar'ara BaNegev ISR-HW80.png Highway 80
צומת דימונה
(Dimona Junction)
Dimona Road 204
צומת רותם
(Rotem Junction)
Rotem factories Road 206
צומת צפית
(Tzafit Junction)
Rotem factories Road 258
צומת הערבה
(HaArava Junction)
Arava region ISR-HW90.png Highway 90

Hazardous road[edit]

Highway 25 was declared as a red road by the Israeli police in 2015.[1]

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Coordinates: 31°17′48″N 34°42′46″E / 31.29667°N 34.71278°E / 31.29667; 34.71278