Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu

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Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu
Hiroki Endo Short Stories vol1.jpg
Cover to volume 1 of Tanpenshu (English version)
(Endo Hiroki Tanpenshu)
Genre Drama, Psychological
Written by Hiroki Endo
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Afternoon
Original run 19972001
Volumes 2
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Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu (Japanese: 遠藤浩輝短編集, Hepburn: Endō Hiroki Tanpenshū, translation: "Hiroki Endo's Short Stories Collection") is a collection of various short manga by Hiroki Endo spanning two tankōbon volumes.


In the play in "For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God", the story of American serial killer Henry Lee Lucas is recounted. It is evident that Hiroki Endo put effort into his research of the man, as a short bibliography is listed within the manga itself.[1] It's implied that Lucas was the basis for the killer character within the play.

Volume 1[edit]

"The Crows, the Girl and the Yakuza" (カラスと少女とヤクザ)
Originally published in 1996 in Monthly Afternoon.
A lone yakuza member takes refuge from a gang war with a young woman who seems to have formed a strange relationship with crows. During his time with her, he comes to reconsider the course of his own life.
"Because You're Definitely a Cute Girl" (きっとかわいい女の子だから)
Originally published in 1996 in Monthly Afternoon.
A girl's bewilderment over sex is overloaded by her widower father's decision to take a lover, driving her to a sudden swing from passive indifference to reactionary violence.
"For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God" (神様なんて信じていない僕らのために)
Originally published in 1997 in Monthly Afternoon.
Centers around a group of college drama students preparing and performing a play depicting a conversation between a serial killer and the sister of one of his victims. The process causes the group to reflect and ultimately confront their own individual problems.

Volume 2[edit]

Series of panels from "High School Girl 2000".
Originally published in 2000 in Afternoon Season Special Edition.
"High School Girl 2000" (女子高生2000)
Originally published in 1999 in Afternoon Season Special Edition.
A semi-autobiographical story featuring Hiroki Endo being distracted from doing work.
"Platform" (プラットホーム)
Originally published in 1996 in Monthly Afternoon.
"Boys Don't Cry" (ボーイズ・ドント・クライ)
Newly written[2] for this volume.


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