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Connecticut Route 39

Route 39 is a north–south state highway in Connecticut. It is one of the main roads in downtown Danbury. Route 39 begins at the junction of Route 53 and 37, near I-84, runs for 22.76 miles north through New Fairfield and Sherman, ending at Route 55 in Sherman. Route 39 begins at an intersection with Routes 37 and 53 in Danbury and heads north, crossing I-84, it continues through New Fairfield and Sherman, intersecting Route 37 twice, including a brief concurrency in Sherman, before ending at an intersection with Route 55. It has a spur to the New York state line which continues into New York as Putnam CR 66. Route 39 was established as part of the 1932 state highway renumbering and connected Route 37 in New Fairfield and Route 55 in Sherman; the Danbury to New Fairfield portion was known as Route 100. In 1934, Route 39 was extended west from New Fairfield center to the New York state line on the Danbury-New Fairfield town line. At the same time, Route 100 was renumbered to Route 37A. In 1963, Route 37A was deleted and was assigned as a southward extension of Route 39.

The former section to the New York line was redesignated as State Road 839. The entire route is in Fairfield County. Media related to Connecticut Route 39 at Wikimedia Commons

Remembrance Driveway (Australia)

The Remembrance Driveway in Australia is a road and memorial system of arboreal parks and road-side rest areas that provide a living memorial in honour of those who served in the Australian Defence Forces in World War II, the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War, who continue to serve around the world. The most prominent feature of the driveway are a series of rest areas dedicated in honour of the Australian Victoria Cross recipients from World War II onwards; the northeastern terminus of the Remembrance Driveway is in Macquarie Place and follows the 320-kilometre Hume Highway, Hume Motorway, a small section of the Old Hume Highway, Federal Highway between Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales, Canberra, the national capital, where its southwestern terminus is at Remembrance Park, adjacent to the Australian War Memorial. The Remembrance Driveway was instituted in 1954 when Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh marked the beginning of the Driveway by planting two plane trees in Macquarie Place.

The Victoria Cross rest areas and memorial parks sited along the Driveway honour the 24 Australian World War II and Vietnam War Victoria Cross winners. Military history of Australia Media related to Remembrance Driveway at Wikimedia Commons Remembrance Driveway web site with maps VC Citations Interactive rest areas. Roads & Maritime Services, Government of New South Wales. 2017

Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova

The Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova is the oldest hospital still active in Florence, Italy. The hospital was founded in 1288 by the father of Beatrice beloved by Dante. Folco was convinced to build the hospital by Monna Tessa, matriarch of the family, whose remains are buried under the tombstone is still visible in the Cloister of the Bones of the Hospital; this is one of the oldest and most important Florentine welfare institutions which became over the centuries rich and powerful, thanks to the many legacies and donations. Besides the historical perspective, the hospital has a rich artistic legacy due to the profusion of decorations by some of the best Florentine artists over the centuries. Hospital needs have in many instances come into conflict with the need for conservation of artistic works; as such, there are many masterpieces in museums located nearby, such as Spedale degli Innocenti and San Marco Museum. The hospital was divided into two areas and male, can accommodate about two hundred patients.

In the fifteenth century, the hospital enjoyed remarkable economic prosperity and in 1419 received a visit from Pope Martin V. In 1420 the addition of the cloister of the medical center by Bicci di Lorenzo marked a major transformation and expansion of the original building; the addition still has a terracotta lunette depicting the Pietà by Giovanni della Robbia and clay sculpture with the Madonna with Child and two angels, attributed to Michelozzo. In the early decades of the fifteenth century the aisles were decorated by Niccolò di Pietro Gerini with frescoes that are now preserved in the original locations and some were detached and placed in the living roomof Pope Martin V where they now have the office of the hospital president. In the Cloister of the Bones was a detached fresco representing Last Judgment by Fra Bartolomeo, now at San Marco Museum. Further works were done in the late sixteenth century by important artists: Giambologna made stuccos in a lane of the men's ward Alessandro Allori painted frescoes in the men's ward chapel Bernardo Buontalenti painted frescoes in the walls and ceiling of the women's wardThese works have been moved to the Pinacoteca of the Spedale degli Innocenti.

Bernardo Buontalenti designed the large porch, the main entrance to the hospital and regrettably did not live long enough to see its implementation. Construction of the porch was begun in 1611 by Giulio Parigi and brought to completion in 1960. In 1660 the old lanes of the women's ward were replaced by Giovanni Battista Pieratti with a new more spacious environment. In the administrative hall, which are accessed by a staircase in the Cloister of Bones, there are frescos and other works from the facade of the Church of Sant'Egidio and from other monasteries; the works in this hall are/have been: "The Crucifixion with Saints Romuald and John the Baptist" by Andrea del Castagno, now in the cloister of Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. "The Coronation of the Virgin", a terracotta sculpture attributed to Dello Delli, now in the portal of the Church of Sant'Egidio. "Consecration of the new church of Sant'Egidio by Pope Martin V", a sinopia fresco by Lorenzo di Bicci removed from the facade of the Church of Sant'Egidio.

"Pope Martin V confirming the privileges of the hospital", a detached fresco performed circa 1473 by Gherardo di Giovanni and said to have been repainted in 1560 by Francesco Brina, from the facade of the Church of Sant'Egidio. The Cloister of Bones, a temple and a burial site, was built in the nineteenth century by Costoli in pietra serena; the temple has columns and pillars and on the center is the statue of the Marquis Angiolo Galli Tassi. The statue has the inscription in the back: "From the benefactor to the beneficiaries - Year 1863". On the front the statue has the following inscription: "Count Angiolo Galli - that emulating the love of the ancients - the ancestral heritage linked - to hospitals in Tuscany". There is an inscription with the sculpture of Monna Tessa, the inspiration of the legendary Folco Portinari, from the church of Santa Margherita de' Cerchi. Emergency department Clinical Observation General Surgery Dermatology Medicine Psychiatry Intensive Care U. T. I. C. Day hospital doctor Day hospital oncology Radiology Laboratory analysis Neurology Endoscopy Dermatological Allergy Sexually Transmitted Diseases Leonardo da Vinci, Circa 1507-1508 Paolo Mascagni, 1801 François Carlo Antommarchi, 1809 Official website

Thomas B. Reverdy

Thomas B. Reverdy is a French novelist. During his studies of letters at the university, he worked on Antonin Artaud, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte and Henri Michaux, he participated in the journal La Femelle du requin, where he directed the publication of issue 4 to issue 12. He obtained the aggregation of modern letters in 2000. Since he has taught at the Lycée Jean Renoir in Seine-Saint-Denis, he tells of this experience as a teacher in Le Lycée de nos rêves, co-written with Cyril Delhay in charge of the "Priority Education Agreement" program at Sciences-Po. His three first novels, La Montée des eaux, Le Ciel pour mémoire and Les Derniers Feux, constitute a sort of poetic cycle, they address the themes of mourning and writing. Les Derniers Feux won the 2008 Prix Valery-Larbaud. In 2010, L'Envers du monde breaks with this autobiographical vein by proposing a police intrigue with moral and philosophical implications in New York after 11 September; the following year the book obtained the Prix François Mauriac.

Published in August 2013, Les Évaporés, is retained in the final selection of the Prix du roman Fnac, in the selection of the Prix Goncourt and in that of the Prix Décembre. It was crowned the same year by the Grand Prix Thyde Monnier of the Société des gens de lettres and in 2014 by the Prix Joseph-Kessel. In 2013 it won the Prix de la Page 112. In 2015, his novel, Il était une ville, was retained in the Goncourt selection and was awarded the Prix des libraires. 2003: La Montée des eaux, Seuil 2005: Le Ciel pour mémoire, Seuil 2008: Les Derniers Feux, Prix Valery-Larbaud 2008. 2008: Le Lycée de nos Rêves, Hachette Littérature, 2009: Collection irraisonnée de préfaces à des livres fétiches, Intervalles, 2010: L’Envers du monde, Prix François Mauriac. 2011 2013: Les Évaporés, Grand Prix Thyde Monnier de la Société des gens de lettres, 2013 - Prix Joseph-Kessel 2014. 2015: Il était une ville, Prix Escale du livre 2016. 2017 Jardin des colonies, Flammarion, 2017 2018 L'Hiver du mécontentement, Flammarion, 2018 - Prix Interallié 2018 Official website Rencontre avec Thomas B Reverdy on YouTube

Callywith College

Callywith College is an Ofsted Outstanding Further Education college in Bodmin, Cornwall which opened in September 2017, the first all-new college in the UK for 20 years. Created with the assistance of Truro and Penwith College to serve students aged 16–19 from mid and east Cornwall, in 2020 it was rated'Outstanding' by Ofsted. League tables of educational results for 16-19-year olds in Cornwall indicated that where students did not have easy access to either of Truro and Penwith College’s major campuses outcomes for those students suffered; as 1500 students from mid and north Cornwall spent between an hour and two hours each-way on a bus to reach the Truro College campus every day, the building of a new campus or college further north in Cornwall would reduce the time these students needed to spend travelling. This led to a consultation period, where Truro and Penwith College sought the views of the local community and received feedback and input from parents and students who might be hoping to attend the proposed college.

It was announced in February 2016 that Callywith College would be a Free School under the EFA national funding formula, supported by Truro and Penwith College. The college opened in September 2017; the College offers 30 A Levels, 13 vocational Level 3 Extended Diplomas, five Level 2 Progression courses and a Level 1 Progression course. Applications can be made either direct to the College or through local schools. Priority will be given to students. In 2019 there was a 100 % pass rates across all A Extended Diplomas. On 27 A Level courses, 83% scored grade A*-C. Subjects including A Level Biology, Maths, Photography, Fine Art and Psychology saw over 50% of students achieving A*-B. Ofsted rated Callywith College as Grade 1 Outstanding across every category, the highest possible designation, after an inspection in January 2020. Comments from the report included:'Students are overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of college life. Teachers have a passion for the subjects, they have excellent subject vocational experience.

Leaders and staff have worked tirelessly to create a culture of high expectations for all. They have developed a curriculum which raises the aspirations and achievements of its students and improves the life chances of young people living in one of the poorest regions in the UK. A thriving supportive community and inclusive culture where students are reminded of their ability and worth by staff.' Callywith College came to national attention in February 2019 when staff and 400 students had to spend a night in the college due to snow. Truro and Penwith College own the Callywith College site and senior staff from Truro and Penwith College lead Callywith College, implementing common systems and processes, ensuring the same levels of quality. Callywith College website Callywith College consultation booklet Ofsted Inspection Report, 2020