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The Holland Heineken House is a temporary meeting place for supporters, athletes and other followers at the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. There has been a Holland Heineken House at all the Olympic Games since 1992 in Barcelona, organized by Heineken and NOC*NSF.[1]

The name Holland Heineken House was chosen due to the alliteration and for the international appearance, despite the incorrect naming of the country involved. Created with the purpose of having a place for Dutch athletes to meet fans, it was later expanded into a meeting place for supporters as well as a base of operations for NOC*NSF, companies and the media.


Year Olympic City Summer/Winter Location Ref.
1992 Barcelona Summer A tent at the Port of Barcelona [1]
1994 Lillehammer Winter
1996 Atlanta Summer Fourth level of a hotel [1]
1998 Nagano Winter
2000 Sydney Summer On the quay of the Australian National Maritime Museum [1]
2002 Salt Lake City Winter Clubhouse of the West Ridge Golf Course [1]
2004 Athens Summer
2006 Turin Winter Sports complex of the University of Turin [1]
2008 Beijing Summer
2010 Vancouver Winter Minoru Arenas [2]
2012 (details) London Summer Alexandra Palace [3]
2014 Sochi Winter Azimut Hotel Resort [4]
2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Clube Monte Líbano
2018 Pyeongchang Winter LaKai Sandpine, Gangneung [5]


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