Homer Eon Flint

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Homer Eon Flint
Born Homer Eon Flindt
Died 1924

Homer Eon Flint (born as Homer Eon Flindt; 1888 –1924) was an American writer of pulp science fiction novels and short stories.

He began working as a scenarist for silent films in 1912 (reportedly at his wife's insistence); in 1918, he published "The Planeteer" in All-Story Weekly. His "Dr. Kinney" stories were reprinted by Ace Books in 1965, and with Austin Hall he co-wrote the novel The Blind Spot.

He reportedly he died[clarification needed] as a result of an involvement in a bank robbery attempt. According to his granddaughter the only witness was a gangster.

His son was Max Hugh Flindt (1915-2004), the co-founder of The Ancient Astronaut Society, with Otto Binder, he co-authored Mankind – Child of the Stars in 1974. In 2004 Max published Between the Apes and the Angels.[1]


(from the Internet Speculative Fiction Database)


  • The Blind Spot (1921) with Austin Hall

Story collections

  • The Lord of Death and The Queen of Life (1965)
  • The Devolutionist and The Emancipatrix (1965)
  • The Interplanetary Adventures of Dr. Kinney (2008)


  • Out of the Moon (1924)

Short fiction

  • "The Planeteer" (1918)
  • "The King of Conserve Island" (1918)
  • "The Man in the Moon" (1919)
  • "The Lord of Death" (1919)
  • "The Queen of Life" (1919)
  • "The Greater Miracle" (1920)
  • "The Devolutionist" (1921)
  • "The Emancipatrix" (1921)
  • "The Nth Man" (1928), adapted in 1957 as the AIP feature film The Amazing Colossal Man


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