Honey West (TV series)

Honey West is an American crime drama television series that aired on ABC during the 1965–1966 television season. Based upon a series of novels that had launched in 1957, the series starred Anne Francis as female private detective Honey West and John Ericson as her partner, Sam Bolt. 30 half-hour episodes were produced. The entire series is available on DVD; the Honey West character was created by Gloria and Forrest E. “Skip” Fickling under the pseudonym “G. G. Fickling” in the late 1950s. Skip had been a United States Army Air Forces Air Gunner during World War II enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve after the war where he was called back into active service during the Korean War; the G. G. represented the initials of his wife, Gloria Gautraud, whom he married in 1949, with initials used so the sex of the author would remain vague. Though Gloria said that most of the writing was done by Forrest, Forrest said Gloria's ideas were used to make a plausible female character with Gloria providing Honey's dress sense.

Forrest told the Los Angeles Times, “I first thought of Marilyn Monroe, I thought of Mike Hammer and decided to put the two together... We thought the most used name for someone you like is Honey, and she lives in the West, so there was her name.”West was one of the first female “private eyes” to appear on television. Francis first played West in the second-season episode of Burke’s Law, entitled “Who Killed the Jackpot?”, broadcast on April 21, 1965, which led to this series being commissioned as a spin-off. West drove a Jaguar convertible in the Burke's Law episode and was twice referred to as the "private eyeful." She was trained in martial arts. Honey West was intended to be the American equivalent of the popular characters Cathy Gale and Emma Peel in the British series The Avengers. Producer Aaron Spelling's first choice for the role of Honey was Honor Blackman, whom he had seen in England playing Cathy Gale on The Avengers and as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Blackman turned the role down.

Anne Francis’ fashions in the Honey role were by Nolan Miller, her action scenes choreographed by Gene LeBell. The series was developed for television by Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov, writers of several Burke's Law episodes; as in the Burke's Law episode introducing her, West has a partner and man-Friday, Sam Bolt, who communicates with Honey via a radio hidden in her lipstick case. In the television series, she keeps an exotic pet ocelot named Bruce. Honey's alluring feline qualities were reflected in her animal-print apartment decor. For sneaking around at night and engaging in energetic fight scenes, she wears a black fabric bodystocking reminiscent of Emma Peel's leather jumpsuit. Like Peel's Lotus Elan sports car, Honey's similar-looking AC Cobra convertible emphasized her independence and vitality. Although the racy content of the novels was excised for television, West went on solo undercover missions that required a provocative or revealing outfit, she uses a number of James Bond-like gimmicks: a high-tech surveillance van, an exploding compact, a garter-belt gas mask, tear-gas earrings.

West is a black-belt in Judo, as is Sam, an ex-Marine. Some episodes of this series, including the final one, were scripted by Richard Levinson and William Link, who would be affiliated with such noted series as Columbo and Murder, She Wrote. Anne Francis as Honey West John Ericson as Sam Bolt Irene Hervey as Aunt Meg Among those appearing during the series' 30-episode run were Joe Don Baker, James Best, Lloyd Bochner, Edd Byrnes, Dick Clark, Charlene Holt, Nancy Kovack, Kevin McCarthy, Maureen McCormick, Bert Parks, Michael J. Pollard, Wayne Rogers, Everett Sloane and Bobby Sherman. Honey West was cancelled after just one season; this came down to two factors: competition from Gomer Pyle, U. S. M. C. and the network decided it would be cheaper to import The Avengers and run it in the same time-slot than to keep producing Honey West. Francis nonetheless received a Golden Globe Award and a Best Actress Emmy nomination for her performance; the series was rerun in the late 1990s as part of TV Land's inaugural lineup.

In 2006, Delta Home Entertainment released the entire series on Region 0 DVD in the UK. VCI Entertainment issued a North American Region 1 DVD release of the series in September 2008. Anne Francis Honey West on IMDb Honey West at Honey West at Honey West at the Museum of Broadcast Communications Pierce, J. Kingston. "A Taste of Honey." The Rap Sheet, July 29, 2009

Bruno the Kid

Bruno the Kid is an animated series produced in 1996. This cartoon series stars Bruce Willis as the voice of Bruno, an 11-year-old boy who becomes a top spy for a secret espionage organization; the organization, named GLOBE, contacts Bruno via his computer and a special gadget watch, is unaware of its top spy's young age, as he hides behind a computer-simulated avatar of a full-grown man. The members of GLOBE that Bruno works with in person, such as Jarlsburg, Harris, are unaware that GLOBE does not know Bruno's actual age, assume that the organization must know what it is doing in sending the boy into dangerous situations; the episodes consist of Bruno managing to live a double life without his parents' or friends' knowledge. Meanwhile, with an alibi set up, Bruno will be out saving the world, or foiling a major heist with the aid of his British spy partner Jarlsburg. In the series, Jarlsburg quits being Bruno's partner, after hesitating to fire a weapon in fear that he will hit Bruno. Bruno objects to Jarley quitting the team.

Jarley comes to his senses and returns to being Bruno's partner. He apologizes to Bruno for quitting. In the course of each mission, they meet Harris who supplies Bruno with gadgets, which Bruno finds a use for on in the episode; as well as voicing the title character, Willis was one of the executive producers and co-wrote and sang the theme song for the show with backing singers. Bruce Willis as Bruno the Kid Jennifer Hale as Leecy Davidson Tony Jay as Jarlesburg Mark Hamill as Harris John Bower as Howard Kath Soucie as Grace Tim Curry as Lazlo Gigahurtz Kenneth Mars as Professor Von Trapp Bronson Pinchot as General Armando Castrato René Auberjonois as Leonard DaLinguini Matt Frewer as Booby Vicious Dawnn Lewis as Di Archer Ben Stein as Professor Wisenstein Kathy Nagler as Mary Ann Wisenstein Edward Asner as the Engineer Ed McMahon as the Engineer's henchman Included in the list of additional voices were Frank Welker, Earl Boen, Ed Gilbert and Kenneth Mars. Episodes were released on VHS by Family Home Entertainment, but as of December 2, 2009, there have been no plans for a U.

S. DVD release. In Italy in 2008, nine single DVD volumes were released with four episodes per volume with English soundtrack & English credits, which are now out of print. Bruno the Kid on IMDb Bruno the Kid at Episode index at the Big Cartoon DataBase

Holly Gagnier

Holly Gagnier is an American actress. Gagnier was born in California, her parents were Hugh Gagnier, a cinematographer and Eleanor Gagnier, a stenographer for the United Nations. Eleanor served as a stenographer on the Nuremberg trials. Holly is one of five siblings. Gagnier's notable roles include long running stints on daytime's One Life to Live, Days of Our Lives in the ground-breaking role of young teen mother Ivy Jannings, on General Hospital as the insane Jennifer Smith. While on One Life to Live, she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as one of daytime's most popular characters, she was a series regular on Baywatch, has had recurring roles on several television series including Pacific Blue, Middle Ages, as a young teen on House Calls opposite Lynn Redgrave. She has been seen on television shows including Scandal, Private Practice, Perception, Friends, ER, Dream On, Ringer to name a few, she has performed in several theater productions both in New York City and Los Angeles, most in "God of Carnage" and "Yellow Face," as well as Christopher Durang's "Beyond Therapy".

Gagnier completed the Hallmark movie Kiss on Candy Cane Lane and The Stalker Club for Lifetime with fellow soap vet Maeve Quinlan. On the big screen, she made her debut in New World Pictures'cult classic Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Son of an Afghan Farmer, the cult film Free Enterprise, The Undertaker's Wedding, Breakout, she can be seen in the award-winning Reckless Juliets on Amazon. Gagnier has a penchant for being in short films and has been in several award-winning shorts on the film festival circuit in the last few years. Gagnier just finished the pilot "A Family Affair" opposite Crazy Ex-Girlfirneds Pete Gardner, as well as on Brat's huge YouTube hit Chicken Girls and Baby Doll Records as the evil Robin Robbins, where she just completed Season 3. Gagnier started a mentorship program. Gagnier is involved in veterans’ charities, she is a sponsor of Task Force Omega. She has produced one of Los Angeles‘ longest running plays "Welcome Home Soldier A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans", which ran for 25 years at Playhouse West.

All proceeds from the production went directly to Veterans charities. Gagnier has been linked to some notable men. Gagnier was involved with actor Alec Baldwin for seven years, she was linked to Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer. In 1999, she had one child. After her divorce in 2002, she dated and became engaged in 2009 to actor Parker Stevenson. Gagnier resides in Los Angeles with her daughter. N.b. for credit listings reference Holly Gagnier on IMDb Holly Gagnier at Allmovie Holly Gagnier at Holly Gagnier at TV Guide Holly Gagnier on Twitter Holly Gagnier on Facebook