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Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Ltd
Private company
FoundedFebruary 1998
HeadquartersPier 4, New Reclamation,
Central District
ParentHong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Holdings Ltd.
Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry
Traditional Chinese港九小輪有限公司

Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Ltd (Chinese: 港九小輪有限公司, abbr. HKKF) is a ferry service company in Hong Kong, it was formed by a number of shipping and shipbuilding firms, and was incorporated in Hong Kong in February 1998.

HKKF currently provides 3 licensed scheduled passenger ferry routes to the Outlying Islands of the city. Other than regular ferry services, HKKF offers services to parties such as government departments and the US Army.


Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Limited Fleet(All are built by Cheoy Lee Shipyard)
 Name   Type  Year Built  Seats Speed
COO Number  Notes 
Sea Star Double deck ferry 1981 348 15 A3823 ex-Kun Yieh
Flying Flame Mono-hull 1988 178 25 A4993 ex- Discovery Bay 17
Sea Splendid Mono-hull 1988 180 25 A5023 ex- Flying Swift / Discovery Bay 18
Kun Tuo Double deck ferry 1995 400 A8913 owned by Cheoy Lee Shipyard
Sea Sprint Catamaran 1997 206 24 A9683
Sea Strike Catamaran 1999 201 24 A9773
Sea Spring Double deck ferry 1999 410 16 A9803
Sea Splash Double deck ferry 1999 410 16 A9783
Sea Supreme Catamaran 1999 382 25 A9853
Sea Smart Catamaran 2000 205 24 A9963
Sea Success Catamaran 2003 389 27 A10263 ex- Park Island 6 and ex- Sea Smooth
Crashed in the 2012 Lamma Island ferry collision.
Sea Superior Catamaran 2003 349 25 A10283
Sea Superb Catamaran 2010 429 28 A139155
Sea Serene Catamaran 2010 429 28 A139359
Sea Speed Catamaran 2012 429 28 A140255
Sea Spirit Catamaran 2013 417 30 A140296
Sea Summit Catamaran 2014 417 30 A141677
Sea Shine Catamaran 2014 417 30 A141700


Regular passenger ferry services[edit]

Currently HKKF operates 3 licensed ferry routes, linking the Outlying Islands of Peng Chau and Lamma Island to Central Hong Kong

Ceased ferry services[edit]

Other services[edit]

HKKF also provides services to the following parties:-


On October 1, 2012, at approximately 8:20 pm HKT, Sea Smooth of HKKF crashed into a Hongkong Electric-owned vessel Lamma IV off Lamma Island, causing the latter to sink. It was the deadliest maritime disaster in Hong Kong since 1971, with 38 killed and more than 100 injured.

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