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Hosiden (ホシデン株式会社, Hoshiden Kabushiki Kaisha) (TYO: 6804) manufactures electronic components and devices with a strong presence in telecommunication and automotive industry prior to the consumer markets with over 19 factories and more than 12,000 workers.

Products: MOST Connectors, Memory card connectors, LCD displays (Square and Rounded), micro switches and connectors (control switches, multi function switches with center push (Analog and digital)), Mini and Micro-USB, HDMI and mini-HDMI, VESA Display Port technology, touch sensor technology, Bluetooth, Remote controls, popple domes with EL technology, acoustic products (speakers, receivers and microphones).

This Japanese manufacturing company is headquartered in Yao, Japan. For its application in S-Video, the 4-pin mini-DIN connector is sometimes called the Hosiden connector. Hosiden Besson Limited was established in 1957, trading as A P Besson and Partner Limited in the UK, manufacturing earpieces for the National Health Service, it was sold to Crystalate Electronics in 1971 to form the Besson division, and as part of a manufacturing group it assimilated injection mouldings and designed and manufactured printed circuit boards. On 2 March 1990 Hosiden Corporation, acquired the company, its capabilities now include: Acoustic, Electronic, Research and Development, fire products, transmission products, Manufacture and Assembly, Injection Molding and Distribution.


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