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HotNewHipHop (HNHH) is an online website featuring hip hop and R&B music, sports, and fashion news.[1] It also allows artists with an account to post music for fans. It also features new singles, mixtapes of artists, and various music videos.[1]

HotNewHipHop was co-founded by Saro D and DJ Rockstar.[2] According to Complex's Alex Ciccimarro and Insanul Ahmed, "HotNewHipHop produces the hottest new rappers in the game as far as sites go. If you want a tastemaker of who's gonna be hot, it's HotNewHipHop."[3]

HotNewHipHop creates quizzes based on the day's trends in music to increase interaction with its users.[4] In 2015, 36.38% of its traffic came from Facebook and 34.54% came from Twitter.[4]

In 2014, HotNewHipHop saw a surge in traffic after Complex's Alex Ciccimarro tapped internet personality Tune Day to host HotNewHipHop's viral "Man on the street" interview and audience-participation comedy series, Word On The Street[5][6][7] (an ode to American TV sitcom Martin and American television personality Steve Allen of The Tonight Show).


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