House of Évreux

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House of Évreux
Blason ville fr Mortain (Manche).svg
Arms of the Count of Evreux
Parent house Capetian Dynasty
Country France, Navarre
Ethnicity French
Founded 1298
Founder Louis, Count of Évreux
Final ruler Charles III of Navarre
Dissolution 1425 (agnatic line)
1441 (sole heiress' death)

The House of Évreux was a noble French family, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty, which flourished from the beginning of the 14th century to the mid 15th century. A branch of it came to rule the Kingdom of Navarre.

The House was founded by Louis, Count of Évreux, he was the third son of Philip III of France, by his second wife Marie of Brabant. His son and heir, Philip, was the husband of Joan II of Navarre and the first King of Navarre from the Évreux dynasty.

Louis' elder son Charles had no grandchildren, the Évreux dynasty ended with the death of Blanche I of Navarre, who died in 1441.

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