House of the Bagatela

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The House of the Bagatela or Government House was where the executive power in 1821. At the time of the Congress this house had two levels that were demolished by the 1875 Cúcuta earthquake.

This was the house of the Colombian vicepresidents Roscio, Azuola, Antonio Nariño and Castillo.

It was reconstructed in 1971 by the Ministerio de Obras Públicas (Ministry of Public Works). The name of "The Triviality" (The Bagatela) was given to it by a person that inhabited it 40 years ago. It wanted to remember this way the newspaper that Antonio Nariño founded in Bogotá in 1812, during the time of the "Patria Boba". Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that in Villa del Rosario the first official newspaper was "the Newspaper of Colombia" and not The Bagatela.