House of the Good Shepherd

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House of the Good Shepherd
Dom U dobrého pastiera
Old Town Hall in Bratislava, Slovakia
Front view of the House of the Good Shepherd
General information
Type Townhouse
Architectural style Rococo
Location Old Town, Bratislava, Slovakia
Address Židovská Street No. 1, Bratislava
Current tenants City museum, pub
Construction started 1760
Completed 1765
Renovated 1975
Design and construction
Architect Matthäus Hollrigl
House of the Good Shepherd

The House of the Good Shepherd (Slovak: Dom U dobrého pastiera) is a narrow, Rococo-style building in Bratislava, Slovakia, located in the Old Town below Bratislava Castle. It was built in 1760–1765 by notable Bratislava master-mason Matej (Matthäus) Hollrigl.[1] The townhouse was constructed for a local merchant and the lower part of the building was used for commercial purposes, the upper part for living. It is one of the few buildings in the area below Bratislava Castle to retain their original state, mostly due to the demolition of much of the Jewish quarter in the 20th century.[2]

Today, the house is home to the Museum of Clocks, which exhibits antique clocks made from 17th to the beginning of the 20th century, specializing in 18th and 19th century timepieces from Bratislava clockmakers. The ground floor and basement serve as a pub. It gained its title because of the statue of Christ, the Good Shepherd, on its corner. The House of the Good Shepherd is considered to be one of the most beautiful Rococo-style buildings in Central Europe.[3]


The building was constructed in 1760–1765 with a trapezium contour and extremely narrow frontal face with a width of one room and staircase for a Bratislava (at that time Pressburg/Pozsony) merchant. After a reconstruction in 1975, Bratislava City Museum opened its exhibition of over 60 historical clocks here. The building serves this purpose to this day.

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Coordinates: 48°08′33″N 17°06′14″E / 48.14250°N 17.10389°E / 48.14250; 17.10389