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Huayrapongo is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Alternate name Ventanillas de la Playa El Tambo
Location  Peru
San Miguel Province, Cajamarca
Coordinates 6°54′13.1″S 78°45′14.3″W / 6.903639°S 78.753972°W / -6.903639; -78.753972Coordinates: 6°54′13.1″S 78°45′14.3″W / 6.903639°S 78.753972°W / -6.903639; -78.753972

Huayrapongo[1][2] (possibly from Quechua wayra wind, punku door)[3] also known as Ventanillas de la Playa El Tambo, is an archaeological site in Peru.[1] It is situated in the Cajamarca Region, San Miguel Province, Llapa District.[1] The site lies on the mountain Huayrapongo.[1][2]


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