Hueco Mountains

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Hueco Mountains
A photo of the Hueco Mountains from the distance
Hueco Mountains in sun and rain, with Cerro Alto prominent, as seen from the base of the tramway, El Paso, Texas, 30 miles west of Cerro Alto
Highest point
Peak Cerro Alto Mountain
Elevation 6,703 ft (2,043 m)
Coordinates 31°56′43″N 105°58′12″W / 31.945278°N 105.97°W / 31.945278; -105.97Coordinates: 31°56′43″N 105°58′12″W / 31.945278°N 105.97°W / 31.945278; -105.97
Length 71 mi (114 km) N/S
Width 62 mi (100 km) E/W
Area 2,562 sq mi (6,640 km2)
Country United States
State Texas, New Mexico

The Hueco Mountains are a range of mountains that rise in southern Otero County, New Mexico and extend twenty-seven miles south into Texas, generally along the El PasoHudspeth county line just east of the city of El Paso, Texas. The highest point of the range is the Cerro Alto Mountain (6,703 feet) in Hudspeth County.[1][2]

The Hueco Bolson, a down-dropped area with an elevation of 4,000 feet above sea level, with sedimentary fill nearly 9,000 feet thick, lies between the Hueco and Franklin Mountains. Shallow, stony soils in the Hueco Mountains support oak, juniper, and some mesquite. The mountains were part of the Rocky Mountain trend, forced upward as part of the Laramide mountain-building period during the late Cretaceous, 60 to 70 million years ago.

The word hueco is Spanish for hollow, gap, or hole.[3]


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