Huge (Caroline's Spine album)

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Caroline's Spine Huge.jpg
Studio album by Caroline's Spine
Released 1996
Genre Alternative rock
Label ANZA Records
Producer Dan Calderone
Caroline's Spine chronology
Ignore the Ants
(1995)Ignore the Ants1995

Huge is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Caroline's Spine. Most of the tracks on the album were re-recorded when the band was signed with Hollywood Records for their fifth album, Monsoon. The B-side featured several acoustic tracks, which were a significant departure from the band's usual electric guitar onslaught. Lead guitarist Mark Haugh even took the reins, writing and performing lead vocals for the song "On the Ground".

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jimmy Newquist

  1. "King For a Day"
  2. "Ouch"
  3. "Sullivan"
  4. "Hippie Boy"
  5. "Psycho"
  6. "Monsoon"
  7. "Necro"
  8. "Wallflower"
  9. "Trio'pain"
  10. "Jumpship"
  11. "Good Afternoon"
  12. "My World"
  13. "Forget"
  14. "Think About Me"
  15. "She's Coming Home"
  16. "On The Ground" (Haugh)
  17. "61"


  • Jimmy Newquist - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
  • Jason Gilardi - Drums
  • Mark Haugh - Guitar
  • Scott Jones - Bass


  • Produced by Dan Calderone & Caroline's Spine
  • All words and music by James P. Newquist except "On the Ground," which was written and sung by Mark Haugh
  • Music published by Archaic Music (BMI)
  • Photos by Jocelyn Balthasar, Kim Kusler, Stephanie Thornton, Ivan Massar, Bob Newquist, plus any strangers we asked along the way.
  • Layout & Design: Mark Haugh, Jimmy Newquist, and Joe Statt for ANZA
  • Recorded, mixed, & mastered at ANZA, San Diego, CA