Hugh II, Count of Ponthieu

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Hugh II of Ponthieu was count of Ponthieu and lord of Abbeville, the son of Enguerrand I of Ponthieu. Evidently Hugh II was the half brother of Guy, who became the bishop of Amiens; Fulk, who became the abbot of Forest l'Abbaye; and Robert. However, it is possible that both Robert and Hugh II were the sons of Enguerrand's first wife, and Guy and Fulk the sons of a later wife that Enguerrand I married when he was in his forties.

Hugh II was married to Bertha of Aumale, Countess of Aumale, they had at least five children: Enguerrand II who succeeded Hugh II as Count of Ponthieu; Robert; Hugh (whose name is inferred by evidence contained within The Carmen de Hastingae Proelio); Waleran, and a daughter who was married to William of Talou, the count of Arques, and uncle to duke William of Normandy (the Conqueror).

Preceded by
Enguerrand I
Count of Ponthieu
c. 1045–1052
Succeeded by
Enguerrand II