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The Humanist Party (Danish: Det Humanistiske Parti) is a political party in Denmark and is a member of the Humanist International.

The party was established in 1987 and participated the general election held that year;[1] the last time the party went for general elections in Denmark was 1993. At the beginning of the 2000s the party was headed by Christian Adamsen,[2] it stood in the regional and municipal elections in Denmark 15 November 2005.

Denmark is divided in five regions (a new administrative system) and the Humanist Party is present in the most important one, which is the region covering the Northeastern part of Sealand and the island of Bornholm.[3]

The region covers 30% of the population, that is 1.6 million persons. Inside this region the Humanist Party is also present in the town of Copenhagen with 0.5 million inhabitants.

The Humanist Party ran two candidates.


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