Hundred Days (album)

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Hundred Days
Studio album by JJ Lin
Released 18 December 2009 (2009-12-18)
Recorded 2009
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Ocean Butterflies
JJ Lin chronology
Hundred Days
She Says

Hundred Days (Chinese: 100天) is the seventh studio album by Singaporean singer JJ Lin, released on 18 December 2009 by Ocean Butterflies.[1]

The track, "Back to Back", is listed at number 17 on the 2010's Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year chart.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "X"
  2. "第幾個100天" (Hundred Days)
  3. "加油!" (Go!) feat. MC HotDog
  4. "序:曙光" (Prelude: Twilight)
  5. "無法克制" (Obsession)
  6. "背對背擁抱" (Back to Back)
  7. "跟屁蟲" (Copycat)
  8. "一個又一個" (One by One)
  9. "愛不會絕跡" (Love Chronicles)
  10. "轉動" (The One)
  11. "媽媽的娜魯娃" (Naruwan)
  12. "Still Moving Under Gunfire"
  13. "表達愛" (Show Your Love) feat. Liao Jun


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