Huntington State Park

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Huntington State Park
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Huntington State Park.jpg
Huntington State Park, August 2009
Map showing the location of Huntington State Park
Map showing the location of Huntington State Park
Location of Huntington State Park in Utah
Map showing the location of Huntington State Park
Map showing the location of Huntington State Park
Huntington State Park (the US)
LocationEmery, Utah, United States
Coordinates39°20′20″N 110°56′51″W / 39.33889°N 110.94750°W / 39.33889; -110.94750Coordinates: 39°20′20″N 110°56′51″W / 39.33889°N 110.94750°W / 39.33889; -110.94750
Area111 acres (45 ha)[1]
Elevation5,840 ft (1,780 m)[2]
Visitors67418 (in 2011)[3]
OperatorUtah State Parks

Huntington State Park is a protected area of Utah, United States, featuring a warm-water reservoir. The state park is located near the town of Huntington.


Huntington Reservoir was completed in 1966 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation as part of an Emery County irrigation and recreation project. This warm-water reservoir supports waterskiing, fishing, and crawdad catching. Largemouth bass and bluegill are the most noteworthy fish in this warm-water lake. Many migratory birds, specifically waterfowl, are sighted in this area.[2]

The town of Huntington was founded in 1877. The name of both the town and reservoir honors the three Huntington brothers, Oliver, William, and Dimick, who first explored this area in 1855. Dimick was an interpreter for the local Indians; William was famed as a scout and explorer; and Oliver was an official recorder for the unsuccessful Elk Mountain Mission to Moab.[2]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the website of the Division of Utah State Parks and Recreation.

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