Hussain Al Nowais

Hussain Jasim Al Nowais is an Emirati businessman. Hussain Al Nowais was born in United Arab Emirates, he graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis on finance. He has attended various Executive Management courses at INSEAD in France and London Business School, he is the chairman of Senaat, one of the United Arab Emirates's largest industrial holding companies and serves as the Chairman of Al Nowais Investments LLC, Khalifa Fund to support and develop small and medium enterprises, Emirates Steel and National Petroleum Construction Company "NPCC" in Abu Dhabi. He serves as a Director of MENA Infrastructure Fund Limited, he sits on the board of trustees of Khalifa University. He is an executive board member of the Arab Business Council of the World Economic Forum. Al Nowais has been the Chairman of Waha Capital since April 2006. Al Nowais Investments' latest project was leading a consortium to build Egypt's first coal-fired power plant in the Suez area to meet the country's acute power shortage.

In 2013 MF International Gulf Italy magazine named him among "The people who count in Dubai". In 2011 and in 2013, Arabian Business included him in their "2013 Construction Week Power 100" list

Compact Snap!

Compact Snap! is a greatest hits CD collection from The Jam. It is an abbreviated version of the vinyl double-album Snap! released in 1984. Compact Snap! is the second greatest hits album by The Jam. The Compact Snap! CD omitted 8 tracks from Snap! in order be released as a single CD. The omitted tracks were "Away from the Numbers", "Billy Hunt", "English Rose", "Mr. Clean", "The Butterfly Collector", "Thick As Thieves", "Man in the Corner Shop" and "Tales from the Riverbank"; the result is that Compact Snap! is a collection of all The Jam's singles, with the exception of "Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?". This compilation has a similar track listing to The Very Best of the Jam with "Smithers-Jones" replacing "Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?". The album was repackaged in 1990 as All The Choice Cuts as part of the Polydor Startrax series. All tracks by Paul Weller, except where noted. "In the City" "All Around the World" "The Modern World" "News of the World" "David Watts" "'A' Bomb in Wardour Street" "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" "Strange Town" "When You're Young" "Smithers-Jones" "The Eton Rifles" "Going Underground" "Dreams of Children" "That's Entertainment" "Start!"

"Funeral Pyre" "Absolute Beginners" "Town Called Malice" "Precious" "The Bitterest Pill" "Beat Surrender"

Holy Roller (horse)

Holy Roller by the Biscay stallion Sanction out of the mare Secret Blessing, was a large Australian Thoroughbred racehorse of the mid-to late-1990s. He won 12 of a developed a cult following amongst Sydney race fans. Bred and owned by Woodlands Stud, Holy Roller stood 18.1 hands compared to the average thoroughbred at around 16 hands. His career highlights included wins in the Crystal Mile. Holy Roller was born at Woodlands Stud Denman, New South Wales, where it took his dam over one hour to get him out; the foal arrived at 0240 and did not stand until 0320. Both dam and foal were exhausted and lay for an hour recovering; the foaling night watchman was a 6 ft young man, when the foal stood, he reached the mid-chest level of the watchman. Comments at the time included: "VERY big foal, enormous knees, etc." His dam, Secret Blessing, was an average size mare, about 16hands, but wide and roomy. Most of her progeny had been large - her daughters tended to be wide like her, such as Genuflect, but Immense was tall and wide but not as big as her half-brother Holy Roller.

His sire Sanction is a tall horse, 16.1h. Holy Roller was weaned off his dam in April 1993, he was always easy to pick out amongst the weanlings in a paddock - he was taller than the Clydesdale foal that shared the paddock. Woodlands Stud does not sell its yearlings but races everything it breeds; when John Hawkes saw Holy Roller the first time, he said, "He would look good pulling a cart." The yearling was named for the evangelical preachers who used to roam the southern states of the USA known as "holy rollers". He was left until the last batch of yearlings for breaking-in and didn't go to Belmont Park until May 1994. After the breaker rode him the first time, he said, "This huge lump knows where he is putting his feet and has tremendous balance." Holy Roller was gelded at an early age to try to slow down his rapid growth pattern, but it didn't work. At breaking-in, Holy Roller weighed an estimated 660 kg; each time he went out for a spell, on his return, he would be re-measured and always had increased in height.

At the end of his racing career, he measured 18.1 hands. Holy Roller didn't start, he won at Canterbury and Moonee Valley. Holy Roller always had to race on the outside of the field to have the freedom to stretch out properly. If caught inside other horses, he would cramp up to avoid hitting the others. Jockeys who have ridden Holy Roller him say it was like riding in an old Cadillac smooth ride, tremendous suspension but when the stride lengthens in the straight, they get whiplash in their necks. Another problem during a race was that the jockey was unable to see horses in front of Holy Roller's neck and head, would have to trust to the horse to get around and past the smaller horse safely. Jockey Larry Cassidy said he would ask Holy Roller to go forward in a race but the horse would refuse move out sideways, Larry would realise there had been a "normal size" horse in front of him but not visible from the saddle. Holy Roller created extra work for farriers. Standard steel shoes are about 8 inches in length but the Holy Roller needed 14 inches per hoof, meaning the farrier had to start with a straight steel bar.

Upon his retirement, his owners - "Chicken Kings" Jack and Bob Ingham - donated Holy Roller to Rod Hoare, looking for a big horse to compete at dressage and eventing. Holy Roller's pedigree and partial racing stats