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General information
Status Under construction
Location Moscow-City, Moscow, Russia
Coordinates 55°44′59.17″N 37°32′13.70″E / 55.7497694°N 37.5371389°E / 55.7497694; 37.5371389Coordinates: 55°44′59.17″N 37°32′13.70″E / 55.7497694°N 37.5371389°E / 55.7497694; 37.5371389
Construction started 2010
Estimated completion 2017
Roof Tower 1: 85 м
Tower 2: 135 м
Tower 3: 169 м
Technical details
Floor count Tower 1: 22
Tower 2: 33
Tower 3: 42
Floor area 228,000 m2 (2,450,000 sq ft)

A IQ-quarter locate on plot 11 in the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow.It will be the transfer point between different subway and light railway lines, as well as other public systems. There will also be offices, hotels, a clinic, and parking.

There will be a transfer station between the metro and a high-speed transport system, which is planned to extend from Moskva-city, eventually ending at the three local airports. The multilevel terminal will connect the underground zones of Moskva-city to the metro stations and to other municipal transportation, lighted by means of light wells, with retail space, living and office areas.

The complex will contain 106 office suites, three hotels with 342 rooms, a main hospital, points of retail trade, and parking for up to 1250 vehicles.

  • Territory of a building site: 1,137 ha
  • Territory of a site under construction of objects: 1 025 m
  • Total area: 201,430 m2 (2,168,174 sq ft) m2
  • Construction began: 2012
  • Construction will be completed: 2015

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