ISO 3166

ISO 3166 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization that defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, special areas of geographical interest, their principal subdivisions. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions, it consists of three parts: ISO 3166-1, Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 1: Country codes, defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, special areas of geographical interest. It defines three sets of country codes: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 – two-letter country codes which are the most used of the three, used most prominently for the Internet's country code top-level domains. ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 – three-letter country codes which allow a better visual association between the codes and the country names than the alpha-2 codes. ISO 3166-1 numeric – three-digit country codes which are identical to those developed and maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division, with the advantage of script independence, hence useful for people or systems using non-Latin scripts.

ISO 3166-2, Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 2: Country subdivision code, defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. ISO 3166-3, Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 3: Code for used names of countries, defines codes for country names which have been deleted from ISO 3166-1 since its first publication in 1974; the first edition of ISO 3166 was published in 1974. The second edition, published in 1981 included numeric country codes, with the third and fourth editions published in 1988 and 1993 respectively; the fifth edition, published between 1997 and 1999, was expanded into three parts to include codes for subdivisions and former countries. The ISO 3166 standard is maintained by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency, located at the ISO central office in Geneva, it was located at the Deutsches Institut für Normung in Berlin. Its principal tasks are: to eliminate country names and to assign code elements to them.

There are fifteen experts with voting rights on the ISO 3166/MA. Nine are representatives of national standards organizations: Association française de normalisation – France American National Standards InstituteUnited States British Standards InstitutionUnited Kingdom Deutsches Institut für Normung – Germany Japanese Industrial Standards Committee - Japan Standards Australia - Australia Kenya Bureau of Standards - Kenya Standardization Administration of China - China Swedish Standards Institute – SwedenThe other six are representatives of major United Nations agencies or other international organizations who are all users of ISO 3166-1: International Atomic Energy Agency International Civil Aviation Organization International Telecommunication Union Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Universal Postal Union United Nations Economic Commission for Europe The ISO 3166/MA has further associated members who do not participate in the votes but who, through their expertise, have significant influence on the decision-taking procedure in the maintenance agency.

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Special Vehicle Team

See Special Vehicle OperationsSpecial Vehicle Team known as SVT, is an arm of Ford Motor Company responsible for the development of the company's highest-performance vehicles. SVT is the successor to the SVO division; the current SVT Director is Hermann Salenbauch. SVT was led by Hau Thai-Tang and John Coletti; the group produces specially tuned versions of Ford production vehicles such as the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor, based on the Ford F150. However, they do develop models independently of the rest of the company, namely the GT supercar. SVT was founded in 1983 by John Plant of Ford Marketing, Janine Bay of Ford Mustang Program Management, Robert Burnham of Ford Truck Program Management. Known as Special Vehicle Operations, SVO developed the 1984–1986 2.3-liter turbo-charged 4-cylinder Mustang SVO, as well as marketed performance parts through dealer networks. Ford SVT debuted the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor high-performance off-road truck; the Raptor is the only high-speed off-road performance truck offered by any OEM.

Using a re-designed suspension, with internal-bypass Fox Racing Shox and specially developed BF Goodrich all-terrain 35" tires, the Raptor is considered an OEM-style "pre-runner." Pre-runners are reconnaissance vehicles used for high-speed testing of off-road race courses before a race. F-150 SVT Raptor debuted the all-new 6.2-liter V8 engine as an option for the 2010 model year. Ford reports horsepower and torque as 411 hp @ 5500 rpm, 434 lb·ft @ 4500 rpm in the Raptor. All Raptor models will have a 6-speed automatic transmission, selectable 4WD, rear E-Locker that stays engaged at high-speeds. Speculation suggests that as a result of Ford's plan to globalize their vehicles, SVT and the European RS division will merge, thus aligning all American and European performance vehicle activity together. SVT is credited in the following vehicles: 1993 SVT Cobra 1993 SVT Cobra R 1993-1995 Ford SVT Lightning 1994-1995 SVT Cobra 1995 SVT Cobra R 1995 Ford GT90 1996 SVT Explorer 1996-1998 SVT Cobra 1998-2000 SVT Contour 1999-2001 SVT Cobra 2000 SVT Cobra R 1999-2004 Ford SVT Lightning 2003-2004 SVT Cobra 2002-2004 SVT Focus 2005–2006 Ford GT 2010–2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, 2007-2014 SVT/Shelby GT500 Ford TeamRS, Ford's European performance car and motorsport division Ford Performance Vehicles, Ford Australia's performance car division Official Ford Racing website Official Ford SVT collector cars

Haroon Shahid

Haroon Shahid is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, music composer and actor. The former lead-singer and guitarist of the Lahore-based pop-rock band SYMT, dissolved in 2016, he made his acting debut with a role in 2017 movie Verna and appeared in television serials including Tajdeed e Wafa, Do Bol and Khaas. Shahid did his bachelor's degree in economics from Beaconhouse National University and did master's degree in public policy from the same university, he listened to a lot of Pakistani music. Shahid lives in Lahore and aside from singing and acting worked for the Pakistani organization Bramerz, a digital media and marketing agency. He's the cousin of actor-singer Ahad Raza Mir. Shahid was a contestant on the Pakistani singing reality show Pakistan Sangeet Icon in 2008. Back he was popularly called The Ganderi Boy for his cover of Naseebo Lal's song Pyar Di Ganderi. Shahid formed the pop-rock band SYMT with his friend Hassan Omer joined by a third member, Farhan Ali, a session player for many Pakistani bands.

The band released their first single Zamana in 2011, the song being produced by Farhad Humayun and the music video directed by Kamran Yar Kami. the song was nominated for Best Music Video, while the band was nominated for Best Singer Of The Year at the 2011 Lux Style Awards. The band was part of the fifth season of Coke Studio, where they played two of their songs, Tum Kaho and Koi Labda, featuring Sanam Marvi; the band has played in other music shows, such as Pepsi Smash and Levis Sessions. The band ended in 2016. Individually, he was part of Coke Studio Season 9, he sang Baliye with Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch. He launched his acting career with Shoaib Mansoor's Verna, in 2017, working on its soundtrack as well, as he composed and sung Sambhal Sambhal. In 2018 he launched his television acting career with Hum TV's Tajdeed e Wafa. TBA Zamana Pyar Di Ganderi Nazrein Milli Dil Ki Ankoh Se Tum Kaho Koi Labda Bhula Dena Jeenay Do Sadi Vari Aane De Zamana Nazrein Milli Sadi Vari Aane De Gal Sunja Dil Ki Ankoh Se Pakistan Sangeet Icon Coke Studio Overload Haroon Shahid on IMDb Haroon Shahid on Instagram Haroon Shahid on Facebook