I Am Not Lorena

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I am not Lorena
I Am Not Lorena.jpg
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No soy Lorena
Directed byIsidora Marras
Produced byJosefina Undurraga, Gregorio González,
Written byIsidora Marras, Catalina Calcagni
Screenplay byIsidora Marras, Catalina Calcagni
Story byIsidora Marras, Catalina Calcagni
Based onOriginal
StarringLoreto Aravena, Paulina García, Gabriela Aguilera, Matías Oviedo, Elisa Zulueta, Etienne Bobenrieth
Music byChristian Basso
CinematographyEduardo Bunster
Edited byCatalina Marín
Production companies: Forastero, Carrousel Films (co-production), Don Quijote Films (co-production) , Sinsistema (post-production), Maya Castro, Gustavo Daza.
Distributed byShoreline Entertainment
Release date
5 September 2014 (Canada) Toronto International Film Festival, 22 October 2014 (Chile) SANFIC Film Festival, 10 November 2014 (Sweden) Stockholm International Film Festival
Running time
CountryChile, Argentina

I am not Lorena, (Spanish: No Soy Lorena) is a Chilean film directed by Isidora Marras, written by Isidora Marras and Catalina Calcagni and produced by Josefina Undurraga and Gregorio González.[1] Filmed in Chile, I am not Lorena is a drama/thriller and is Isidora Marras' debut feature film.[2]


The story is centered on Olivia, an actress in her late twenties who has recently broken up with her boyfriend Mauro, a theatre director, but despite the breakup, Olivia accepts a part in a play directed by Mauro. Things do not go well, either in her life or in the play, where she is unable to achieve what a demanding Mauro is asking of her.[3]

Things get worse when Olivia starts to receive an increasing number of harassing phone calls, she has been mistaken for Lorena Ruiz, a woman with lots of debts whose creditors will not believe they have got the wrong person. The harassment continues, and the case of mistaken identity becomes a living Kafkaesque nightmare for Olivia as she searches for the mysterious Lorena Ruiz.

Director Isidora Marras was inspired by a case of mistaken identity that she herself suffered; the film is the portrait of a bureaucratic and dehumanised system where people are no more than consumers.[4]


Release and Reception[edit]

The film was released on 5 September 2014 (Canada) Toronto International Film Festival, 22 October 2014 (Chile) SANFIC Film Festival, 10 November 2014 (Sweden) Stockholm International Film Festival

The film got mixed reception, reviews tend to point the inexperience of the director Isidora Marras, and how secondary characters steal the spotlight. Paulina García (Gloria)) for example as some reviews pointed.[5]

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