I Will Survive (film)

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I Will Survive
I Will Survive film poster.jpg
Revised RomanizationSaleolilatda
Directed byYoon Sam-yook
Produced byYun Tae-yeong
Lee Sang-woon
Kim Se-chang
Written byYoon Sam-yook
StarringLee Deok-hwa
Lee Mi-yeon
Music byLee Jong-sik
CinematographySon Hyeon-chae
Edited byHyeon Dae-won
Release date
  • August 21, 1993 (1993-08-21)
Running time
108 minutes
CountrySouth Korea

I Will Survive is a 1993 South Korean historical drama film. It was entered into the 18th Moscow International Film Festival where Lee Deok-hwa won the award for Best Actor.[1]


Man-seok is an executioner from the butcher caste and therefore discriminated against. One day, he receives a request from a noble family that one of their condemned be executed without his head being cut off. Man-seok does as instructed, but when his payment is delivered by Sug-young, the daughter of the executed, he rapes her, motivated by his deep resentment against the ruling elite. Later, she is arrested and sold into slavery. Feeling guilty, Man-seok buys her freedom, and the two eventually fall in love and settle down to a peaceful married life. However, their happiness is threatened when they are involved in a conspiracy against the enemies of Sug-young's family.



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