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The Icelandic basketball league system, or Icelandic basketball league pyramid is a series of interconnected competitions for basketball clubs in Iceland. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and demotion system between competitions at different levels.


There are currently four different competitions on the pyramid - the 1st tier Úrvalsdeild, the 2nd tier Division I, the 3rd tier Division II, and the 4th tier Division III.

The leagues are organized by the Icelandic Basketball Federation.[1]

The tier levels[edit]

For the 2017–18 season, the Icelandic basketball league system is as follows:[2]

Level League
1 Úrvalsdeild karla
12 teams
↓ 2 relegation
(previously 1. deild karla (1951–78))
2 Division I
9 teams1
↑ 2 promotion
↓ 0 relegation1
(previously 2. deild karla (1964–78))
3 Division II
10 teams
↑ 1 promotion
↓ 2 relegation
(previously 3. deild karla (1973–78))
4 Division III
10 teams
↑ 2 promotion

1One team folded before the start of the season and as a result no teams will be relegated from Division I at the end of the season[3]

Other competitions[edit]


There are currently two different competitions on the pyramid and they are both organized by the Icelandic Basketball Federation.[4][5]

Level League
1 Úrvalsdeild kvenna
8 teams
(previously 1. deild kvenna (1952–2005))
2 Division I
7 teams
(previously 2. deild kvenna (1984–2005))

Other competitions[edit]

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