Idehan Ubari

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Idehan Ubari

أدهان أوباري
Landscape of Idehan Ubari dunes.
Landscape of Idehan Ubari dunes.
Map of the topographic features of the Sahara
Map of the topographic features of the Sahara
 • Total62,000 km2 (24,000 sq mi)
530 m (1,740 ft)
The Mandara Lakes in the Ubari desert.

The Ubari Desert, Idehan Ubari, Idehan Awbari or Ubari Erg is an erg in the hyper-arid Fezzan region of southwestern Libya with a surface of approximately 58,000 km².[1] The area of the Ubari desert has been traditionally inhabited by Tuareg people.


The Idehan Ubari is named after the town of Ubari or Awbari, a Berber-speaking oasis town and the capital of the Wadi al Hayaa District in the area. Like the Idehan Marzuq further south, the Idehan Ubari is part of the greater Sahara Desert.[citation needed]

The Mandara Lakes are located in Gaberoun, an oasis in the eastern zone of the Ubari Desert.[2]

The Al-Fil oilfield is an oil-extraction unit in the Idehan Ubari region. There were protests at the oilfield in 2013.[3]

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Coordinates: 27°30′N 11°30′E / 27.500°N 11.500°E / 27.500; 11.500