Iglesia de San Andrés, Toledo

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Iglesia de San Andrés
Tower of the church

The iglesia de San Andrés is a church located in the city of Toledo, in Castile-La Mancha, Spain. The iglesia de San Andrés, as is common in this city, is a mix of different styles. On the one hand, there are present Mudéjar and Gothic architecture, and also, the Baroque, following a remodeling of the 17th century. After the last restoration traceries appeared in the facade that evoke the eclecticism of the croissing. A Visigoth relief and two Visigothic pilasters was also discovered.[1]

As of the most of the Mudéjar churches in Toledo, present a simple aspect.

Its main entrance, unique in Toledo, in of Almohad style bearing uncommon small green ceramic in columns on the door. The capitals are Visigoths, Its Mosque past is being represented by a funeral pilaster.[2]

During the 16th Century its solid late gothic head was added, with exterior buttresses that compensate for the considerable change in height, while its interior features a vault and palm arch ribs with honeycomb work in the transept naves.


In the crypt of this church 60 mummies of infantes, dukes, nuns and people of popular class, are preserved in a good state of preservation.[3] Are open to the visitor.


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