Iglesia de San Lucas, Toledo

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Iglesia de San Lucas
Complete view of the church

The Iglesia de San Lucas is located in front of the Bu hill at southeast of the city of Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. In a high wall, attached to the church, was located the old parish cemetery, where it is told that the last Mozarabs of the city were buried.[1]

Most probably it was built in Mozarab style in the 12th-century,[2] in the 17th-century a Baroque chapel was added to it housing the Virgen de Esperanza.

The church is cited in a poem attributed to St. Ildefonsus, according to it was erected in 641 by Evancio, a son of Nicholas, who married Blesila and who were the grandfathers of St. Ildefonsus..[1] This fact can not be confirmed and it could even be a mosque adapted as a Christian church, due to the irregular arrangement of the south wall and the asymmetry of the immediate nave of the epistle.[1]

The church was one of the Mozarab churches of Toledo that had privilege to maintain this rite after the Reconquista.


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