Iglesia de San Vicente, Toledo

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Apse of the church
Toledo Art Circle

The Iglesia de San Vicente is a church located in Toledo (Castile-La Mancha, Spain), it appears as a parish already in 1125, although, there is documentation that speaks of that was founded by Alfonso VI shortly after the conquest.

The current building is the result of successive reconstructions, transformations and additions. Thus, the oldest element preserved is the apse[1] which, by its structure, does not appear before the 13th century, following a type very similar to that of the Cristo de la Vega, in which the exterior stands out, and the straight section, which precedes the apse proper. It also coincides with that date the use of friezes in the corner, separating horizontally the bodies of arches, and the same typology of arches, which repeats the folded half-points and the horseshoe pointed, covered by lobed, appearing in the [Legend of Cristo de la Vega]]. The whole was disfigured by adding, on the axis, a large Baroque shield and opening two spans, for illumination of the main chapel and a crypt. In the interior it conserves the double archery that runs the perimeter of the apse, simple blind arches of horseshoe. To the right, taking advantage of the thickness of the wall, has incorporated a small Gothic chapel, with vault of crossery, of beginnings of the 14th century.

Once the parish was abolished in 1842, the building now houses the Toledo Art Circle, for purposes different than liturgical.


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