Igor Yaroslavich

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Igor Yaroslavich
Prince of Smolensk
Reign 1057–1060
Born 1036
Died 1060 (aged 23–24)
Burial Transfiguration Cathedral (Chernihiv)
Spouse Konigunda, countess of Orlamünde
Issue Davyd Igorevich
Vsevolod Igorevich
House Riurik Dynasty
Father Yaroslav Vladimirovich
Mother Irina

Igor Yaroslavich was one of the younger sons of Yaroslav the Wise from the Rurikid dynasty of Kievan Rus’. He was baptized as George.

The date of his birth is unsure. Some historians consider him to be born in 1034–35, while others think that he was born after Yaroslav moved to Kiev in 1036. Upon the death of his father Iziaslav I of Kiev who was the eldest at that time appointed him as the Prince of Volyn. When another of his brother Vyacheslav has died under unknown circumstances, Igor was transferred to Smolensk. Around that time Rostislav of Tmutarakan was given his former realm to govern.

Like his other brother Vyacheslav, Igor died young when he was only 24, leaving behind two children Davyd and Vsevolod. Igor was married to a countess of Orlamünde; the wedding with whom was conducting while Yaroslav the Wise was still alive.


  • Davyd Igorevich, the Prince of Volyn (1086–1099). Davyd was constantly at war with the neighboring Vasylko from Terebovl.
  • Vsevolod Igorevich



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Preceded by
Prince of Volyn
Succeeded by
Rostislav of Tmutarakan