In Old Caliente

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In Old Caliente
In Old Caliente FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Joseph Kane
Produced by Joseph Kane
Written by Norman Houston (story)
Norman Houston (screenplay) and
Gerald Geraghty (screenplay)
Starring Roy Rogers
Cinematography William Nobles
Edited by Edward Mann
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • June 19, 1939 (1939-06-19)
Running time
57 minutes
54 minutes (US edited version)
Country United States
Language English

In Old Caliente is a 1939 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers.


Set after California's Statehood but before the America Civil War, Roy Rogers is working for a wealthy Spanish family. One of their men is secretly betraying the arrival of targets of opportunity to a group of Anglo American bandits but puts the blame on Roy.

The film has several unusual sequences such as having several scenes shot on a beach and having bandits after a giant sphere of gold. There is only one mention made of Caliente, California.



  • Roy Rogers - "Sundown on the Rangeland" (Written by Fred Rose)
  • Roy Rogers and George "Gabby" Hayes - "We're Not Coming Out Tonight" (Written by Walter G. Samuels)
  • Roy Rogers - "The Moon, She Will Be Shining Tonight" (Written by Walter G. Samuels)
  • Roy Rogers - "Ride On Vaquero"

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