In the Fifth at Malory Towers

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First edition dust jacket
Author Enid Blyton
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Malory Towers
Genre Children's
Published 1950 (Methuen)

In the Fifth at Malory Towers is a school story children's novel written by Enid Blyton. It is the fifth book in her Malory Towers series, and, like other books in the series, follows Darrel Rivers at the eponymous girls' boarding school.


Darrell and her sister Felicity, whom are in the fifth and first form, are going back to Malory Towers. They meet new girl Maureen, and 2 girls who were left behind in the fifth. They are Moira and Catherine, two of the worst people, as the new fifth formers think.

Darrell, Sally, and the rest of the fifth formers are told that they have to do the Christmas entertainment.So, in a meeting, they decide that "Cinderella" as a pantomime would be the play that they performed.

Maureen and Gwen are friends, though Maureen annoys Gwen a lot. But Gwendoline is also like that, and she knows it all right!

Catherine is also a big problem to the fifth formers, as she is always tagging to help people, and Moira is very hard and dictatorial, so no one likes her.

Since the girls are fifth formers, they cannot play Tricks, but the first formers play a balloon trick. It was quite successful, but June (The trickster) was punished.

Then, the parts for the people are handed out.

  • Mary-Lou:Cinderella
  • Mavis-Prince
  • Bill-Barron
  • Louella-Fairy Godmother
  • Rachel-Buttons
  • Pat and Rita-Ugly Sisters
  • Alicia-Demon King

As the parts of the play are handed out, Darrell and Sally are writing the script of the pantomime, Irene with music, Janet with dresses, and Belinda with scenery and designs.

And then, Felicity plays her first match, and shoots the winning goal, and Mora gets anonymous letters, and Alicia and Betty resign from the show (Because of Moira). Soon, June is discovered to be the one who is writing poison-pen letters, and is going to be expelled. But Moira saves her from being expelled, and Alicia and Betty join back in to the show.

Then, Mam'Zelle plays a Trick with hideous teeth. The girls loved the trick, and the staff was disapproving.

The end of the term was near, and the show was held, and successful. Darrell was so happy with her play, that she had written.

The end of the book is "Hold it Darrell, While we slip away. It is your own great moment. There'll never be another quite like it.