Individual Paralympic Athletes at the 2000 Summer Paralympics

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Should not be confused with Independent Paralympic Participants, the name given to Yugoslavian athletes at the 1992 Summer Paralympics
Individual Paralympic Athletes at the
2000 Summer Paralympics
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in Sydney
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Summer Paralympics appearances

In 2000, the de facto independent East Timor was not yet recognised as a sovereign state, and did not have a recognised National Paralympic Committee. Two East Timor athletes to take part in the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney, but they competed officially as Individual Paralympic Athletes, rather than as representatives of an NPC.[1]

There were two "individual Paralympians" from East Timor: Alcino Pereira in the men's 5,000m race (T38 category) in track and field; and Mateus Lukas in powerlifting, in the men's up to 48 kg category. Pereira failed to complete his race, while Lukas lifted 105 kg, finishing 13th and last of the athletes who successfully lifted a weight in his category.[2]

Following East Timor's recognition, the country made its official Paralympic début in 2008.[3]


Name Sport Event Score Rank
Alcino Pereira Athletics Men's 5,000m T38 dnf unranked (dnf)
Mateus Lukas Powerlifting Men's up to 48 kg 105 kg 13th (out of 16)

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