Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party

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Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party
Partai Persatuan Nahdlatul Ummah Indonesia
Chairman Syukron Ma'mun
Secretary-General Achmad Sjatari
Founded 2003
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Conservatism
Islamic democracy
Ballot number 42
DPR Seats 0

The Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party (Indonesian: Partai Persatuan Nahdlatul Ummah Indonesia) is the Minor Conservative political party in Indonesia.

It was originally established on 16 August 1998 as the Nahdatul Ummat Party (Partai Nahdatul Ummat) and took part in the 1999 legislative election, winning 5 seats in the People's Representative Council. However, Law No. 31/2002 on Political Parties stated that parties failing to win at least 3 percent of the vote were not eligible to participate in the next election. Therefore, the party changed its name and on 5 March 2003 the Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party was officially founded.

In the 2004 legislative election, the party won 0.8% of the popular vote and lost all 5 seats. After initially failing to qualify, following a lawsuit the party won the right to contest the 2009 elections, in which it won only 0.14 percent of the vote, lower from the electoral threshold of at least 2,5%, again without any seats of the People's Representative Council.[1][2][3][4][5]

Regional strength[edit]

In the legislative election held on 9 April 2009, support for the PPNUI was higher than the party's national average in the following provinces:

Aceh 0.3%

Bengkulu 0.2%

Riau 0.2%

South Sumatra 0.3%

Lampung 0.2%

Banten 0.5%

East Java 0.2%

West Kalimantan 0.2%

Central Kalimantan 0.2%

South Kalimantan 0.4%

West Nusa Tenggara 0.4%

West Sulawesi 0.2%

South East Sulawesi 0.1%