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Ingeniørens forside 2009-01-09.jpg
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)
PublisherIngeniøren A/S
EditorArne R. Steinmark
HeadquartersCopenhagen, Denmark

Ingeniøren (full name: Nyhedsmagasinet Ingeniøren, literally The News Magazine "The Engineer") is a Danish weekly newspaper specialising in engineering topics.

History and profile[edit]

The paper has covered science and technology issues as well as political topics and debate related to engineering since 1892, and maintains an online archive of these;[1] the online version began 2 December 1994, as the first Danish internet media.[2]

Corresponding publications are Ny Teknik in Sweden,[3] Teknisk Ukeblad in Norway and Technisch Weekblad in the Netherlands.


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