Inka Raqay, Apurímac

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Inka Raqay
Location Peru, Apurímac Region, Abancay Province
Height 3,590 metres (11,778 ft)

Inka Raqay or Inkaraqay (Quechua Inka Inca, raqay ruin, a demolished building; shed, storehouse or dormitory for the laborers of a farm; a generally old building without roof, only with walls)[1] is a small archaeological complex in Peru. It lies in the Apurímac Region, Abancay Province, Cachora District.[2] Inka Raqay is situated at a height of 3,590 metres (11,778 ft) on the northern slope of Inka Wasi south of the archaeological site of Choquequirao, above the Apurímac River.[3]


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Coordinates: 13°26′54″S 72°51′19″W / 13.4482°S 72.8552°W / -13.4482; -72.8552