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ʾIn shāʾ Allāh (Arabic: إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللّٰهُ‎, is the Arabic language expression for "God willing" or "if God wills". The phrase comes from a Quranic command which commands Muslims to use it when speaking of future events; the phrase is used by Muslims, Arab Christians, Arabic-speakers of other religions to refer to events that one hopes will happen in the future. It expresses the belief that nothing happens unless God wills it and that his will supersedes all human will. A similar expression exists in Maltese: jekk Alla jrid. Maltese is descended from Siculo-Arabic, the Arabic dialect that developed in Sicily and in Malta between the end of the 9th century and the end of the 12th century. In the Spanish and Portuguese languages the expressions ojalá and oxalá come from the Arabic expression ʾin shāʾa llāh. In Bulgarian, "daĭ Bože /Дай Боже, Български, Serbo-Croatian, "ako Bog da/ако Бог да" is a South Slav expression calqued from Arabic. Owing to Ottoman rule over the Balkans, it is used extensively in Bulgaria and in the ex-Yugoslav countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro

Bill Walker (Scottish Conservative politician)

William Connoll Walker OBE, known as Bill Walker, was a British Conservative Party politician who served as Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party from 2000 until 2008. He was Member of Parliament for Perth and East Perthshire Tayside North from 1979 to 1997, he never held any office in government and was one of the Maastricht Rebels against the embattled administration of John Major during the mid-1990s. Walker began his cadet career in 1942 with 1707 Squadron of the Air Training Corps. Joining the organisation just a year after its inception, he continued his affinity with the air cadets since, he went on to spend a total of nine years in full-time regular RAF service, doing National Service including tours in the Middle East and started the new Central Gliding School as a flight lieutenant. He has since held several different roles, many of which featured within the Air Cadet gliding fraternity, the largest gliding organisation in the world, culminating in his appointment in the 1990s as President of Air Cadet Gliding and in 2011 becoming the first officer of the RAFVR to be appointed to the rank of group captain.

Walker stood at Dundee East in the October 1974 general election. He was first elected in the 1979 general election as the Member of Parliament for Perth and East Perthshire. In 1983, he became MP for the newly formed Tayside North. Walker enjoyed wearing the kilt, he was one of two MPs who deliberately wore it in Parliament one day in July 1982 to mark the 200th anniversary of the lifting of the ban on wearing tartan, imposed after the 1745 Jacobite rising, he was a staunch Eurosceptic who resigned as vice chair of the Scottish Conservatives in 1992 to vote against the Government's attempts to implement the Maastricht Treaty. He became one of the Maastricht Rebels who voted against the Government's attempts to ratify the treaty. In July 1993, despite being ill, he flew down to London for a key vote on Maastricht and was kept hidden from the Government whips until the vote took place. In 1994, Walker was implicated in the Cash for Questions scandal that involved other Conservative MPs such as Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith.

However, in Walker's case the matter was not taken further when it emerged that he had given the cash to charity. During his years in Parliament, Walker managed to get five Private Member’s Bills passed, including the bill which became the Scotch Whisky Act 1988, which gave a boost to the Scottish whisky industry. Walker lost Tayside North when he was defeated by the SNP's John Swinney in 1997, he was elected Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Conservatives in June 2000. He was reelected in 2006, serving until 2008, he died on 6 June 2017 at the age of 88. He was survived by his widow Mavis, who he married in 1956, as well as their three daughters and six grandchildren. Scotland and Unionism - The Way Forward, by Bill Walker, M. P. & Dr. Mark Mayall, Conservative Monday Club Policy Paper, May 1988. Scotland - Reversing the Tory Decline, by Dr. Mark Mayall, Foreword by Bill Walker, M. P. Monday Club Policy Paper, February 1991. Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Bill Walker History of the constituency from Scottish Politics

The Boys (1991 film)

The Boys is a drama/black comedy television film starring James Woods and John Lithgow. It was directed by Glenn Jordan, who had worked with Woods on the 1986 TV movie Promise and worked with Woods again in 1994 for the TV drama film Jane's House; the film first aired on September 1991 on the ABC Network. The film stars James Woods as John Lithgow as Artie Margulies. Others in the film include Joanna Gleason as Marie, Eve Gordon as Amanda, Alan Rosenberg as the psychiatrist and Rosemary Dunsmore as Helene. Today, the film remains out-of-print in America, having never received DVD release. In the UK, where the film was re-titled The Guys, the movie was released on VHS via CIC Video, where it has remained out-of-print; the film's tagline reads "Artie has a nasty habit... Walter can't live with it. A story of love, life & cigarettes."The Boys was created by production companies Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment International and William Link Productions. The film was inspired by the lives of the film's writer William Link and his writing partner, Richard Levinson, Levinson's death.

However, the key plot point of the story didn't happen in reality. In real-life, Richard Levinson was the smoker. A day before the original broadcast on the ABC Network, an article with the Los Angeles Times was based on the film, under the headline "'Til Death Do They Part"; the article stated that writer Link used to say his relationship with long-time writing partner Levinson was like marriage without the sex. The story was written by Link as a sort of private therapy to get over Levinson's death. In the article, it is mentioned that neither Woods or Lithgow worry about taking time out of their film careers to do a TV film. "Each of us looks for good material. And a lot of good material today is written for television," said Lithgow, whilst Woods stated "There's always been great material on television". In the article, it is stated that the film was the first TV movie to deal directly with the issue of secondary smoke, although both leading actors insisted that The Boys was not a network disease-of-the-week movie.

"The secondary smoke is an important aspect of the story," Lithgow said. "One man is dying. It's an important little turn of the plot; this is not an advocacy film, in my mind, at all." "But is the motor of the story," Woods said. "It's the deus ex machina, if you will, that propels the story. It causes this repressed friendship to blossom. It's that terrible reality in life that sometimes we only are able to express our love to people when we're losing them or have lost them." It was stated that in a short time and Woods said they developed the kind of comic rapport and unspoken bond that Levinson and Link shared. The repartee is evident. After Woods was cast in the film, the filmmakers searched for the best person to play Woods' partner. Woods stated in the Los Angeles Times article "I told my agent to close his eyes and imagine the best person to play Arty, I'll do the same thing, and we both came up with Mickey Rooney. After, we went for Andy Rooney, Andy Garcia finally John, but John was doing The Last Elephant at the time."

"I was off in Africa," Lithgow said. "You couldn't phone in and you couldn't get calls out, but somehow or other a faxed script arrived on my bed one night by a carrier caribou." Describing the acting in the film, Lithgow stated "The first time I saw James was in a student production of Jean-Paul Sartre's The Victors, when he was 19 years old back I'd heard an awful lot about him and his work process. We work in a very similar way, perfect for this movie." Woods added "It's a sort of shorthand". "Very fast," Lithgow said. "In fact, the relationship between these two writers is so easy and fun for us to play because that's much like our collaborative relationship as actors. We have devised a thousand little tricks, his mind just whirs along, I love to keep pace with it." According to the article and Lithgow were looking for a new project together after The Boys. "We have the same agency, so we told our agents to put their heads together on our behalf," Lithgow said. "And they'll come up with some fabulous script, give it to Redford and Newman," Woods said.

Both Woods and Lithgow wouldn't work together again. In a mid-April 1991 article with Ocala Star-Banner, writer Link spoke of the film's story and the writing of the script. "Call it therapy. I had mentioned this concept to Dick several years before he died. I asked him why, he said "you guess". I don't think he wanted to be under scrutiny in promoting the show, with people asking him, "Why are you chain-smoking in this interview when you just produced a movie, against it?" A week after Dick died in 1987, I was at ABC with Brandon Stoddard. He said "What have your got for us?" I told him this idea, he thought it was terrific, he said I had an on-the-air commitment. He said "I think it'll be good therapy for you." Dick and I had written every line together. I was used to working in a room with my best friend for 41 years, when he died, I felt stranded. I was fearful that I couldn't write, because my crutch wasn't there anymore, it was as if I'd had an amputation, it took me about 10 months to get around to this.

In four two-day weekends, I wrote "The Boys," and it just poured out. It was like someone was dictating it to me." In the same article, Link spoke of how any worries of writing solo were soothed with the signi

Ben There, Dan That!

Ben There, Dan That! is a point and click adventure game developed by Zombie Cow Studios. It was released on July 14, 2008 for Windows; the game was positively received by critics, who enjoyed the game's humor but criticized its short length and lack of music. Two sequels have been released: Time Gentlemen, Please! in 2009 and Lair of the Clockwork God in 2020. The game puts players in control of two characters named Ben and Dan, styled after the game's creators, they must complete inventory-based puzzles in order to unlock doors to various dimensions aboard an alien spaceship and return home. Players can swap between the characters; the game begins in a London flat, where the roommates Ben and Dan are unable to get television reception to watch Magnum, P. I. having broke their antenna in a previous adventure. Their attempt to assemble a replacement results in an inadvertent alien abduction. Trapped on the alien spaceship, they realize that the only way to return home is by opening doors to various universes and finding the key to the next door from within that universe.

These include Zombie London, Dinosaur London, a London which has become the 51st State. At the end of the game, they realize that the spaceship was just a fake and that it is located in a warehouse, it was a trick created by their time-traveling future selves, who had disguised themselves as aliens, to keep them from interrupting their plans for world domination. The game was designed by Ben Ward, they were roommates with the game being designed in a pub. Jim Squires of Gamezebo rated the game 4/5 stars, calling the dialogue "brilliantly written" and saying that it "keep you laughing the whole time", he criticized the lack of puzzle difficulty, as well as its short lack of music. He called the writing "distinctly British" and said that despite being inspired by family-friendly games, the game was "best left to adults" due to its "racy" humor. Luke Jensen of Adventure Gamers called the game "unique and hilarious". Stuart Houghton of Kotaku said the game was "heavily inspired by classic Lucasarts SCUMM games" and called the graphics "primitive", but recommended the game

Ellan Vannin football team

The Ellan Vannin Football Team is a football team that represents the Isle of Man. It is not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA, therefore cannot compete for the FIFA World Cup or in the UEFA European Championships, they competed first at the ConIFA World Football Cup in 2014, where they won their group and became runners-up to the County of Nice. Formed in 2013, the Ellan Vannin team was created by the newly-formed Manx International Football Alliance in order to enter ConIFA and compete at the ConIFA World Football Cup; as opposed to the official Isle of Man team, composed of Isle of Man Football League players – regardless of nationality, Ellan Vannin will allow only those with Manx ties to play for them, in line with FIFA eligibility rules. Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the MIFA and Isle of Man FA, intended to set out a working relationship between the two organisations, the MIFA announced that the first international to be played by Ellan Vannin would be a home game against Monaco on 6 April 2014, to be played at The Bowl in Douglas.

Ellan Vannin won their first international 10–0. Ellan Vannin were invited to participate in the first ConIFA World Football Cup in Sápmi, in 2014. Despite being a unknown quantity, they reached the final of the inaugural tournament, losing on penalties to County of Nice despite winning 4–2 over them in the Group Stage thanks to a Calum Morrissey hattrick. While the Isle of Man were set to host the 2015 ConIFA European Football Cup in June 2015, logistical problems led to the tournament being moved to Székely Land. Here, despite defeat to Padania in the Group Stage, they still achieved a semi-final place where they were again defeated by County of Nice. A penalty win over Felvidék in the play-off saw; the next year, Ellan Vannin were set to appear in the 2016 ConIFA World Football Cup, but withdrew after being advised by the British Home Office not to travel to Abkhazia, where the tournament was to be held. The team returned to ConIFA activity in 2017 for the 2017 ConIFA European Football Cup in Northern Cyprus, finishing 6th.

However, the team qualified for the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup to be held in London. In late 2017 it was announced that they would become the first opponents of the new Yorkshire national football team on January 28, 2018. After Yorkshire's membership to ConIFA was confirmed at the beginning of January, it meant that it would become an sanctioned friendly that would provide qualification points for future competitions. In May that year they took part in the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup in London. However, after being knocked out by Barawa in the group stage, the MIFA protested at their opponents' alleged use of an ineligible player. After the other competing clubs voted to reject their appeal, Ellan Vannin withdrew from the tournament, following a number of accusations made by the MIFA on social media against ConIFA, they were provisionally expelled from the organisation on 7 June 2018. Ellan Vannin were reinstated as full members at ConIFA's 2019 AGM in January 2019; the following players were called up to the 22 man squad for the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup to commence on 31 May 2018.

Caps and goals correct as of 3 June 2018 after the game against Barawa

Southern Flavor

Southern Flavor is the eighteenth studio album by Bill Monroe, released through MCA Records in 1988. In 1989, the album won Monroe the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Recording, an award known as Best Bluegrass Album. "Stone Coal" "Life's Highway" "What a Wonderful Life" "Texas Lone Star" "Give Me Wings" "Sugar Loaf Mountain" "White Rose" "Days Gone By" "Southern Flavor" "Take Courage Un' Tomorrow" Bill Monroe – mandolin, tenor vocals, lead vocal on "White Rose" Tom Ewing - acoustic guitar, lead vocals Blake Williams - banjo, baritone vocals Clarence "Tater" Tate - acoustic bass, bass vocals Bobby Hicks - fiddle Buddy Spicher - fiddle Mike Feagan - fiddle Emory Gordy, Jr. - acoustic bass on "What A Wonderful Life", "Give Me Wings" and "Take Courage Un' Tomorrow"Art Direction: Simon Levy Design: Katherine DeVault Design Photography: Jim DeVault