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United States Air Force
Inspector General of the Air Force
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Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris.jpg
Lt Gen Stayce D. Harris

since November 2017
Formation 1947
First holder Maj Gen Junius Jones
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The Office of Inspector General of the Air Force for the United States Air Force is responsible for conducting investigations and inspections as directed by the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. The position in the Air Force was originally established after World War II as The Air Inspector, which was carried over from the Army Air Forces. The current mission of the Air Force Inspector General is prescribed by Title 10 (§ 8020) and Title 32 of the United States Code (§ 105) to develop Air Force and Air National Guard policy to assess readiness, discipline and efficiency with a vision to help shape senior leader decisions affecting the readiness of the Air Force to strengthen the nation's defense.

The Office of Inspector General of the Air Force consists of four directorates:

  • The complaints resolution program investigates complaints and potential cases of fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • The inspection system program is designed to evaluate different levels of command in the Air Force to accurately assess the effectiveness of key processes, procedures and requirements based on either public law, executive orders, directives and instructions. The Air Force Inspection Agency heads the inspection program and operates under direction of the Air Force Inspector General.
  • A senior officials inquiry program to conduct inquiries and investigations of complaints and allegations made against senior Air Force officials (particularly generals and senior executive service members).
  • A special investigations directorate which provides policy, planning, program evaluation, and resources for the Air Force's security and investigative activities along with foreign counterintelligence programs


In 1943, Junius Jones was designated The Air Inspector of the Army Air Forces and when the AAF became the U.S. Air Force in 1947, he retained his position.[1]

In 1948, The Air Inspector was renamed to the Inspector General of the Air Force.

In December 1971, Lt Gen Louis L. Wilson Jr. oversees the activation of the Air Force Inspection and Safety Center (which later became the Air Force Inspection Agency in 1991) to provide independent assessments of acquisition, safety, nuclear surety, operations, logistics, support, and healthcare to Air Force senior leaders. It also evaluates Air Force activities, personnel, and policies, and provides legal and compliance oversight of all Air Force-level Field Operating Agencies and Direct Reporting Units.

In September 1986, as a result of the Goldwater–Nichols Act, the Inspector General moved directly under the Secretary of the Air Force.

In June 2016, the Air Force IG, and its database contractor Lockheed Martin, came under criticism when 100,000 official records dating back to 2004 were lost due to corrupted data.[2][3]

List of U.S. Air Force Inspectors General[edit]

Image Rank Name Begin Date End Date Notes
Junius Jones USAF.png Major General Junius Wallace Jones July 1943 1947 (as Air Inspector)
Major General St. Clair Streett 1948 1948 (as Air Inspector)
Brigadier General Adlai H. Gilkeson 1948 1948 (as Air Inspector)
Hugh J. Knerr Major General Hugh J. Knerr 1948 1949
Howard Craig USAF.jpg Lt General Howard A. Craig 1949 1952
Bryant Boatner USAF.jpg Lt General Bryant L. Boatner 1952 1954
Truman H. Landon Lt General Truman H. Landon 1954 1956
Elmer J. Rogers, Jr. Lt General Elmer J. Rogers, Jr. 1956 ?
Joseph Carroll (DIA) Lt General Joseph Carroll 1960 1961
William H. Blanchard Lt General William H. Blanchard 1961 1963
John Dale Ryan Lt General John D. Ryan August 1963 1964
Keith K. Compton Lt General Keith K. Compton August 1964 1965
LtGen William K. Martin USAF.jpg Lt General William K. Martin February 1965 August 1965
Glen W. Martin Lt General Glen W. Martin August 1965 February 1967
Theodore R. Milton Lt General Theodore R. Milton February 1967 August 1967
Joseph H. Moore Lt General Joseph H. Moore August 1967 1969
Lt Gen Selmon Wells.jpg Lt General Selmon W. Wells March 1969 1971
Louis L. Wilson Jr.jpg Lt General Louis L. Wilson Jr. 1971 1973
LtGen Gerald Johnson.jpg Lt General Gerald W. Johnson 1973 1974
USAF LtGen Donald Nunn.jpg Lt General Donald G. Nunn September 1974 1976
USAF LtGen John Flynn.jpg Lt General John P. Flynn September 1976 1978
USAF Lt Gen Howard Lane.jpg Lt General Howard M. Lane October 1978 1980
Lt Gen Howard W. Leaf USAF.jpg Lt General Howard W. Leaf 1980 1983
Robert W. Bazley by Garfield Jones.JPEG Lt General Robert W. Bazley 1983 1984
Monroe W Hatch Jr.jpg Lt General Monroe W. Hatch Jr. September 1984 1985
Lt Gen Robert D. Springer USAF.jpg Lt General Robert D. Springer August 1985 1987
Lt Gen Buford D. Lary USAF.jpg Lt General Buford D. Lary July 1987 1989
Bradley Hosmer.jpg Lt General Bradley C. Hosmer September 1989 June 1991
Lt Gen Eugene H. Fischer USAF.jpg Lt General Eugene H. Fischer August 1991 1993
Marcus A Anderson USAF.jpg Lt General Marcus A. Anderson December 1993 1996
RichardSwope.jpg Lt General Richard T. Swope April 1996 1998
Nicholas Kehoe USAF.jpg Lt General Nicholas B. Kehoe September 1998 2000
LtGen Raymond P Huot USAF.jpg Lt General Raymond P. Huot August 2000 2003
LtGen Steven R. Polk USAF IG.jpg Lt General Steven R. Polk December 2003 2006
LtGen Ronald F Sams.jpg Lt General Ronald F. Sams March 2006 2009
LTGen Marc Rogers USAF.jpg Lt General Marc E. Rogers June 2009 2012
Lt. Gen. Stephen P. Mueller USAF.JPG Lt General Stephen P. Mueller May 2012 2014
Lt Gen Gregory A Biscone Air Force Inspector General.JPG Lt General Gregory A. Biscone August 2014 May 2016 [4]
Anthony Rock Inspector General.jpg Lt General Anthony J. Rock May 2016 November 2017 [5]
Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris.jpg Lt General Stayce D. Harris November 2017 Present [6]

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