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ISC Paris
TypePrivate Business School
Established1963 [1]
DeanBruno Neil
France [2]

The Institut Supérieur du Commerce (ISC Paris Business School), a business school located in Paris, is a French university-level institution (grande école). Its programs consist of a core degree, a bachelor's program offering six different specializations, a Master's degree in management according to the Bologna European higher education standards, and a MBA program offering sixteen different specializations; these courses are available both on a part-time and full-time basis. ISC Paris's degrees are accredited by the French Ministry of Education and the AACSB[3], a standard reached by only 5% of business schools worldwide reflecting its established international reputation for high quality graduates.


The ISC Paris business school was inaugurated in the autumn of 1963 at 6 avenue Léon Heuzey,[1] in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Founded by Paul Icard, director of the Institute of Industrial Sale Psychology, with the goal of training "business executives adapted to the methods of modern business." The ISC Paris was a non-profit association (law 1901) with a Board of Directors. Students were eligible for admission immediately after the earning their baccalaureate; initially the duration of study was two years; the first promotion (promo 64) was composed of thirty-eight male students. Founded in early 1963, the Board of Students of the ISC Paris directed student life and activities at the school. Extracurricular activities were a core part of the professional degrees. In 1969, the Board of Students separated from the school administration and incorporated as a separate, non-profit association. In 1970 the "Junior Enterprise" of the ISC Paris was founded.

On May 19, 1969, ISC Paris was recognized by the State in a ministerial decree. Simultaneously, it moved to new premises at 13 rue Jacques Bingen in the 17th arrondissement; the school had a student body of approximately one hundred students at the time. In 1971 the length of the course of study was increased by a year to three years; also in 1971, admission to the school was closed to those who had only earned their baccalaureate, requiring an additional year of preparation. The same year admission to the Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris was opened to women.

In 1975, ISC Paris moved to its current location at 22 Boulevard du Fort de Vaux,[4] occupying an area of 2200 m2 offering amenities such as a language laboratory, group study rooms, conference rooms, and a computer lab; the entry examination was thereafter opened to parallel admissions to students with 2 to 4-year post-baccalaureate university degrees. In 1976 there were nearly one thousand applicants to the business school. ISC Paris subsequently chose to open examination centers in regional provinces with the support of local chambers of commerce and high schools.

On May 21, 1980, a decree of the Ministry of Education announced that the ISC Paris's degree was guaranteed by the State.[5] In 1981 a Department for Continuing Professional Education was established, offering training solutions to businesses; this was followed by the creation of ISC Master Program for graduate students. The Institut Superieur du Commerce was rebranded as the ISC Group. In 1983, the entry examination in first year was opened to applicants with a 2 years degree, in order to increase the pool of applicants. In October 1983, ISC Paris inaugurated new premises close to the Boulevard du Fort de Vaux; the school grounds expanded, eventually covering over 3000 m2.

The number of applicants to the ISC Paris increased as a result of the actions of the School Promotion Committee organizing conferences in preparatory classes across France. In 1992, ISC Paris created a series of examinations with the ESLSCA with identical written tests, but different oral exams for each school; this system lasted until 1999, when the ISC Paris decided to join the Banque Commune d'épreuves (Examination test base for most Business Schools). Meanwhile, in 1996, ministry-led reforms increased the duration of preparatory classes from one to two years; the number of candidates reached 1 178 in 1982, 2 281 in 1984 and 3 875 in 1992. In 2010, the number of applicants reached more than 2,900[6] applicants from HEC preparatory classes and about 2,700 via the parallel admission process in 2011.[7]

In 2006, ISC Paris newly designed its brand and became the ISC Paris School of Management. In March 2007, the ISC Paris was authorized to award master's degree as part of the LMD Europe-wide Bologna process[8] to its students by the Helfer Committee and joined the Conference of Grandes Ecoles. In 2009, a third building was constructed, the ISC 3, solely to accommodate MBA students; the campus subsequently covered an area of 13,600 m².

As of September 1, 2014, Claude Riahi is President of the Board of Directors and Bruno Neil is the Chief Executive Officer.[9]

International memberships[edit]

EFMD, EAIE, CampusFrance, NAFSA, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and UGEI.


ISC Paris counts 151 partner universities in a total of 50 countries. 54 nationalities on-campus. About 250 ISC Paris students enrolled in an exchange program abroad and 150 international exchange students registered at ISC Paris.


Research at ISC Paris has four independent laboratories in (ISC Paris. "Research". Retrieved 24 May 2012.):

The department is advised by a scientific committee; the ISC Paris is developing a doctoral program with the University of Cergy-Pontoise. It publishes quarterly research papers in all areas of business and organizes conferences such as the International Finance Conference (ISC Paris (22 September 2010). "6th International Finance Conference". ISC Paris. ISC Paris. Retrieved 22 September 2010.) with other academic partners and professional associations such as the University of Cergy-Pontoise, the REMEREG Network, the AFFI.

Degree programs[edit]


Marketing and Communication department

  • Luxury product marketing management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing and Tourism Management
  • Sports Marketing and Management

Project Management and Human resources department

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Audit and Human Resource Management
  • E-Business
  • Information Systems Management
  • Marketing Management and Information Technology

(Double master's degrees with the ISC Paris & the University of Cergy-Pontoise UCP)

  • Management of sustainable performance

Strategy and International Business department

  • Procurement logistics distribution
  • International Business and Management
  • Management of commercial relationships
  • Business Strategy and European intelligence

(In partnership with the Ecole Européenne d'Intelligence Economique)

Audit, Finance, Legal department

  • Legal and tax expertise
  • Finance
  • International and Corporate Finance
  • Expertise Audit and Control
  • Risk Management in Finance and Insurance

(Double master's degrees with the ISC Paris & the University of Cergy-Pontoise UCP)

Student activities[edit]

Asides academic education, ISC Paris emphasizes entrepreneurship and initiative taking through more than 20 Junior Enterprises that have their own budget and are integrated in the pedagogy since the early years of the business school (ISC Paris. "Junior Enterprises". Retrieved 15 February 2012.). The focus and the activities of these organizations may shift over the years and according to initiatives and opportunities.

Sports & Adventure

  • BUREAU DES SPORTS (BDS) offers sports to all students and organises events.
  • ISC MOTORS focuses on mechanical sports and to road prevention.
  • BUREAU DES ARTS (BDA) promotes art and educates students from ISC Paris to culture and artistic environment.

Humanitarian & Social

  • AIDE MONDIALE organises humanitarian operations internationally.
  • SOLIRACE prevents young people against AIDS.
  • HUMAN provides tutoring, liveliness in hospitals to underprivileged and disabled children.

Culture, Art & Multimedia

  • STUDIO organises events related to luxury goods and fashion.
  • VISUAL reports all the events at ISC Paris.
  • EVO educates students from ISC Paris to new technologies.
  • WAVING as a communication agency, leads a consulting activity for students and companies.
  • ISC MEDIA produces some TV content and receives famous guests from politics, media...

Services to Businesses and Students

  • PARTNER'ISC helps students build their professional projects, liaising with partners and alumni.
  • YOUR provides marketing services for companies.
  • CHALLENGE is an ISC Paris ambassador by taking part to national and international competitions organized by large companies.
  • COSMOPOL offers internships abroad to students and welcomes international students.
  • ISC NETWORK provides punctual and regular jobs for students.
  • PROCOM promotes ISC Paris by organizing exhibitions and forums.
  • BUREAU DES ELEVES, in relation with the management of the school coordinates and monitors the projects of each of the junior enterprises.


There are about 200 business schools[10] in France of which nearly fifty are authorized to award Master's degrees. Among these business schools, the ISC Paris School of Management is usually ranked between 8th and 25th in publications such as the daily newspaper "le Figaro"[11] and the magazine Challenges[12] depending on the criteria used.


The alumni association of ISC Paris was established in 1962 with more than 16,600 members today; as of 2010, there are 25 alumni in the Who's Who.[13]


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