International Capoeira Angola Foundation

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ICAF or FICA is the name of a capoeira angola group. FICA is the group's name in Brazil, which is an acronym for Fundacao International de Capoeira de Angola, while it is ICAF in English, which stands for the International Capoeira Angola Foundation; the English name is a literal translation of the words which make up the acronym FICA.

The word "fica" in Portuguese means "you stay" (second person declarative) which is not necessarily significant, but because it has a meaning it is slightly more catchy in Portuguese than ICAF is in English. FICA/ICAF is the largest Capoeira Angola organization in the world, consisting of many local chapters incorporated as not-for-profits in the United States which charge nominal annual membership fees, as well as having locations in many other countries.

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