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International Netball Federation (INF)
INF logo 2012.jpg
Logo INF
Formation 1960
Type Sports Federation
Headquarters Manchester, England, United Kingdom
49 (and 25 associate members)[1]
Jamaica Molly Rhone
Australia Sue Taylor

The International Netball Federation (INF), formerly the "International Federation of Netball Associations" (IFNA), is the worldwide governing body for Netball. The INF was created in 1960[2] and is responsible for world rankings, maintaining the rules for netball and organising the Netball World Cup. The organisation has five regional areas:

General information[edit]

The organisation is based in Manchester, England.[3] The INF has over 70 national members which are grouped into five regional areas: Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania.[3] The INF is governed by a congress that meets every two years, a board of directors that meets three times a year, a chief executive officer and a Secretariat.[3] It is also responsible for providing world rankings for national representative teams.[4] The INF organises several major international competitions including the Netball World Cup.[5] It is also a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code.[6]


In 1957, a pair of national netball organisations discussed the need to create an international governing body for the sport to help address issues like standardising the rules. This conversation was started between England and Australia, while Australia was touring England. In 1960, netball representatives from Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies finally gathered to create the needed organisation, the International Federation of Women's Basketball and Netball. The meeting took place in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon), with rules for the newly creating organisation being created. A decision was made at this first meeting create a world championship competition for the sport to be held every four years, with the first event to be held in 1963 in Eastbourne, England.

The organisation has since undergone several changes. After all countries adopted the name "netball" for the sport, the organisation was renamed the "International Federation of Netball Associations" (IFNA). This name was used until November 2012, when the organisation changed to its current name, the "International Netball Federation" (INF), to bring it in line with other sports governing bodies.

Netball World Cup[edit]

The INF is responsible for organising the Netball World Cup (formerly the World Netball Championships), the premier event in international netball, held every four years.[7] The table below contains a list of these championships/cups, where they took place and how many teams competed in the event.

Year Location Number of teams
1963 Details[8][9] Eastbourne, England[10][11] 11
1967 Details[9] Perth, Australia 8
1971 Details[9] Kingston, Jamaica[7] 9
1975 Details[9] Auckland, New Zealand[7][11] 11
1979 Details[9] Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 19
1983 Details[9] Singapore City, Singapore[7][12] 14
1987 Details[9] Glasgow, Scotland 17
1991 Details[9] Sydney, Australia 20
1995 Details[9] Birmingham, England 27
1999 Details[9] Christchurch, New Zealand[7][11] 26
2003 Details[9] Kingston, Jamaica[13] 24
2007 Details[9] Auckland, New Zealand[11] 16
2011 Details[9] Singapore City, Singapore 16
2015 Details[9] Sydney, Australia 16

Goals and objectives[edit]

One of the goals of the INF is to attain International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition for netball and to lobby for the sport's inclusion at future Olympic Games.[7]

National organisations[edit]

The following (incomplete) list is a timeline of national organisations becoming affiliated with the International Netball Federation:





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