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International Rowing Federation

World Rowing, formally the World Rowing Federation is the governing body for international rowing. Its current president is Jean-Christophe Rolland who succeeded Denis Oswald at a ceremony held in Lucerne in July 2014; the World Rowing Cup, World Rowing Championships, other such competitions are overseen by this organization. It was founded by rowing representatives from France, Belgium and Italy on 25 June 1892 in Turin in response to the growing popularity of the sport of rowing, the consequent need for uniformity of regulations over such matters as race lengths, boat composition, weight classes. At the time, betting on rowing was popular, the rowers or coaches were themselves taking bets. Amateur status was unknown in the sport, a state of affairs which can lead to corruption, such as thrown races; the first regatta organised by the newly formed FISA was the European Rowing Championships and was held in 1893 in Orta, Italy. It only had 10 entries in no professional participants. By 1925, the 27th European Championships, held in Prague, included 24 entries in 10 different events.

FISA established its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1922. FISA was the first international sports federation, it has been on the Olympic program since the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.. Each country that participates in rowing has a federation or governing body which belongs to the FISA Congress; these federations have overall control of. FISA decided in 1955 that only a united German team could compete at international rowing championships; this required that East and West Germany held selection trials, with the winning country for each boat class choosing the rowers who would compete at the championships. Over the years, the relationship between the two German countries deteriorated, East Germany made seven application to FISA congresses to be recognised as a separate and independent country. On the seventh occasion, there was insufficient time to discuss the issue at the congress held in Duisburg just prior to the men's competition of the 1965 European Rowing Championships. FISA president Thomas Keller stated that an extraordinary congress were to be held in November in Vienna that would discuss the issue, that he saw no problem with solving the problems.

In October 1965, the International Olympic Committee decided that East Germany was to have its own team at future Olympic Games. At the FISA congress in November 1965, the East German application found forty-six votes of support, four abstentions, no votes of disapproval. At the same congress, Keller's proposal to not play national anthems or raise flags during medal ceremonies was approved; these changes first applied at the European Championships in August 1966 and the World Championships two weeks in September. FISA is led by a president; the following list gives presidents since 1924: 1924–1926 Eugène Baud, Switzerland 1926–1949 Rico Fioroni, Switzerland 1949–1958 Gaston Mullegg, Switzerland 1958–1989 Thomas Keller, Switzerland 1989–2014 Denis Oswald, Switzerland 2014–present Jean-Christophe Rolland, France At the 2017 Ordinary Congress FISA admitted its 152nd & 153rd members. FISA organises a large number of international rowing events throughout the year. FISA has been sponsoring the program for rowing events at the Olympic games since the initial Olympic games in 1896 in Athens.

It is responsible for running the qualification program to select the participants for the games. Started in 1997, the World Cup comprises three regattas held in early Summer. A week-long regatta held every year. During Olympic years, only non-Olympic boat classes race. Running since 1967, the Junior Championships is for those who are under 18 by the end of the current calendar year. During Olympic years it is held at the same time as the World Rowing Championships. First held in 1976, this regatta is for those too old for the Junior Championships but who do not turn 23 by the end of the current calendar year; the event was named the Nations Cup and opposed by FISA. In 2002 the name was changed to the World Rowing U23 Regatta and further changed to World Rowing U23 Championships in 2005. First held in 2006. World Rowing, in partnership with Concept2, USRowing and the Erg Sprints organising committee of Alexandria, Virginia, USA, are pleased to announce the first World Rowing Indoor Championships to be staged in Alexandria from 17 to 18 February 2018.

Held since 1973, this event is for rowers 27 years of age or over. Men and women compete in age categories ranging from "A" to "K"; the largest annual international regatta, in 2013 it attracted 3500 competitors who competed in 440 races over four days. There are events for mixed crews - where half the crew is men and half women; the 2010 regatta took place in St. Catharines, Canada, 2011 in Poznan Poland, 2012 in Duisburg Germany, 2013 in Varese Italy, 2014 in Ballarat Australia, 2015 in Hazewinkel Belgium, 2016 in Copenhagen Denmark, e 2017 in Bled Slovenia, 2018 in Sarasota USA, 2019 in Lake Valence Hungary; the 2020 regatta will be in Linz-Ottensheim Austria, 2021 in Banyoles Spain, 2022 in Libourne France, 2023 in Pretoria South Africa, 2024 in Brandenburg Germany. A new idea introduced in 2002 as an attempt to bring rowing to the centre of cities; the first event

Ganga Ki Saugandh

Ganga Ki Saugandh is a 1978 Hindi movie. Produced and directed by Sultan Ahmed, this film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan, Pran, I. S. Johar and Anju Mahendru; the music is by the dialogue by Wajahat Mirza. It became. Thakur Jaswant Singh rules over the region with an iron hand, he has no pity or empathy for the poor, all he is interested in is their money, their women, alcohol. After the passing away of his dad, he assumes total control over the region, increases the taxes. One day while walking across the hallway, he trips over the wet floor, falls down, he gets up angrily and assaults the old woman, washing the floor. His abuse is interrupted by the arrival of Ramvati's son, who intervenes. Jaswant is ready to shoot him down. Word gets around that Jeeva is in the bad books of the Thakur, soon a number of people start conspiring against Jeeva; the next day Jeeva is summoned before the village council and asked to explain his involvement in the death of a cow. Jeeva has no satisfactory explanation, he is asked to leave the village with his mother.

Jeeva refuses to do so, is beaten, thrown out. Shortly thereafter his mother passes away, Jeeva decides to avenge her death by bringing about the downfall of Jaswant Singh. In order to do this, he becomes a dacoit. Jeeva swears on the holy river Ganga to wipe out Jaswant Singh and his men, without knowing his decision will bring him into conflict with the police, with the honest people from the community he was exiled from. Ganga Ki Saugandh on IMDb

Bad Papa

Bad Papa is a South Korean television series starring Jang Hyuk, Son Yeo-eun and Shin Eun-soo. It is about the struggles of a father, it aired on MBC's Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 time slot from October 1 to November 27, 2018. Ji-cheol is dad, he was a detective who got suspended for taking a bribe. He can’t come up with their living expenses, let alone the rent. On top of that, his daughter gets into trouble and he has to come up with the settlement money. Cornered, Ji-cheol makes a dangerous decision. Having been a boxing champion in the past, he decides to participate in an illegal boxing match and take the prize money. Jang Hyuk as Yoo Ji-cheol, Fallen father and fighter Ji-cheol used to be an undefeated boxing champion in his 20s, he fell in love with Sun-joo at first sight, proposed to her in 3 days, together they had a beautiful daughter named Young-sun. He was beloved husband and respected father. However, during the 13th defense match against Min-woo, called the game of the century, he lost helplessly, which seemed weird, the whole world criticized him.

He lost money and the happiness of his family all at once. 11 years he gets an opportunity to make a comeback. Son Yeo-eun as Choi Sun-joo, Ji-cheol's wife, an erotic novelist and massage chair salesperson She met Ji-cheol, a top sports star, when she just graduated high school. Ji-cheol proposes to her, leaving Min-woo, who has had a crush on her for 3 years without the chance, she has a daughter named Young-sun. Life with a national hero is luxurious. However, 11 years her national hero husband has been long gone and she is only left with a hopeless man by her side. Shin Eun-soo as Yoo Young-sun, Y-NYANG dance Youtuber Young-sun had a happy life as a rising ballerina. However, the year Young-sun turned 6, her dad’s reputation plummeted for match fixing and everything changed. 17-year-old Young-sun doesn't study and isn’t enthusiastic about anything. However, there is one thing, she uploads videos on Youtube that are popular. Although she quit ballet, she couldn’t do anything about her love for dancing.

She posts videos under the identity “Cat Mask”. Ha Joon as Lee Min-woo, MMA champion, sports superstar He is number one in MMA middleweight rankings and popular for his fighting skills, he is enjoying the golden age of his life. However, his family was poor as he was growing up, he had many scars. Sun-joo is the girl next door, always by his side and helped him dream of becoming a boxer, he had a crush on her, but didn’t dream of telling her and ended up letting her marry Ji-cheol, the top sport superstar during that time. Kim Jae-kyung as Cha Ji-woo, Daughter of Dr. Cha, Ji-cheol’s former partner, a regional investigation unit detective She joined the team much than Ji-cheol, but became the youngest female lieutenant and Ji-cheol’s superior through several special promotions. Although everyone else looks down on Ji-cheol, Ji-woo is on his side. Not she understands why, but she favors Ji-cheol. After Ji-cheol quits his job as a cop in shame, Ji-woo stumbles upon a mysterious case. Kim Byung-choon as Park Min-sik Inspector of police investigation unit.

Kim Wook as Lee Hyun-soo Detective, colleague of Ji-woo. Jung Man-sik as Joo Kook-sung Mixed martial arts promoter who scouted Ji-cheolLee David as Kim Yong-dae 3rd class martial arts coach, Ji-cheol's fan. Lee Joon-hyuk as Kim Pil-doo Chief of illegal gambling fighting ringJung Ik-han as Kim Jong-doo Pil-doo's brotherJang Eul-soo as Sang Chul An underground martial arts fighter. Jung In-gi as Cha Seung-hoResearch professor, Ji-woo's father Park Ji-bin as Jung Chan-joong CEO of Shingu Pharmaceutical Shin Woo-geum as Kim Dae-sungResearcher and PhD assistant Lee Kyu-ho as Mr ParkJung Chan-joong's bodyguard Kwon Eun-bin as Kim Sang-ah A rich student who considers Young-sun as her rival. Cho Yi-hyun as Kim Se-jung Good friend of Young-sun. Im Sun-woo as Wang Hye-ji Good friend of Young-sun. Lee Eun-sam as Lee Seul-ki Good friend of Young-sun. Yoon Bong-gil as Park Ji-hoon Min-woo's business partnerChoi Yoon-ra as Choi Sun-young Sun-joo's sisterJoo Jin-mo as Director Jang Ji-cheol's former promoter and current owner of small boxing ringJung Sung-ho as boxing match commentator Hong In as Yong WooBrain-tumour patient who took part in clinical trialBae Eun-kyungSun-joo's colleague in departmental storeKim Seung-hyun as Kim Yoon SooJi-cheol's friend who ran away after cheating him of his money In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

NR denotes. N/A denotes that the rating is not known.4 Episodes aired back-to-back on October 15 and November 6. No episodes on October 16, 23, 30 and November 5 due to the broadcast of KBO League baseball games. Bad Papa airs in Taiwan on KKTV from 2 October 2018. Bad Papa airs in Singapore and Hong Kong on Oh! K TV Asia from 2 October 2018. Bad Papa airs in USA on Kocowa TV from 2 October 2018. Bad Papa airs in Japan on KNTV from 5 March 2019. Official website Bad Papa at HanCinema

Veaceslav Gojan

Veaceslav Gojan is a Moldovan amateur boxer who won Bantamweight bronze at the 2008 Olympics. He comes from the village of Grimăncăuţi, district of Briceni and is a member of the Central Sport Club Dinamo in Chişinău, his coach is Petru Caduc. Gojan failed to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics after ending up in third place at the 4th AIBA European 2004 Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan, he qualified for the 2008 Summer Olympics by beating German boxer Rustamhodza Rahimov in the semifinal of a European qualifying tournament. In Beijing he made it to the semifinal by defeating Khavazhi Khatsigov 1-1, countback, Gu Yu 13-6 and Akhil Kumar 10-3 he lost to Mongolian Enkhbatyn Badar-Uugan 2:15, he won the 2011 European Amateur Boxing Championships. At the 2012 Olympic qualifier he lost his first bout didn't make it. Olympic qualifier AIBA results for Olympic qualification. Veaceslav Gojan Professional boxing record for Veaceslav Gojan from BoxRec

Philip John Stigant

Philip John Stigant was an influential member of the Parliament of the Cape of Good Hope and a three-time Mayor of the City of Cape Town. In his youth, Stigant served in the frontier wars, he was an undertaker by profession, a reactionary in politics. Stigant represented Cape Town in the Cape Parliament, where he was a fierce conservative - opposing any further democratic independence from Britain, his conservative party was led by fellow MPs such as Manuel, Clough and John X Merriman. This party fought against the rising "responsible government" party which advocated greater local democracy and independence from the British Colonial Office. In 1871 the "responsibles" triumphed and Stigant spend much of the rest of the decade more involved in local council elections. In the late 1870s, when Governor Bartle Frere was working to impose a system of British Confederation on southern Africa, Stigant was one of the MPs who warned Frere against forcibly disarming the Cape's Black African citizens; as a soldier, Stigant saw himself as qualified to advise on such policies.

He warned against the Confederation plan stating that the Black African nations were aware that it was a plan to encircle and annex their remaining lands. He predicted that the slow-moving imperial troop columns would perform disastrously in the rough African terrain. Altogether, in spite of being a conservative imperialist himself, he joined a large group of local leaders who implored Frere to rethink his policies. Stigant went on to become Mayor of Cape Town on three separate occasions; as a Councillor, he aligned himself with the so-called "Clean Party" in local politics. The party that called itself the "Clean Party", was comprised predominantly of recent immigrant English merchants and businessmen, who favoured a cleaner city with greater infrastructure to encourage investment, they had the support of the Cape Lantern newspapers. They opposed the party of the ratepayers association, which they dubbed the "Dirty Party", comprised predominantly of Malay and Afrikaner residents and both small & large property owners.

They were less afraid of the dirty streets than of being pushed out of areas of the city by the higher rates which would be needed in order to pay for the proposed new infrastructure. In early 1879 he was involved in a legal case with the Mayor at the time due to his accusation of electoral fraud against the Mayor, his subsequent being sued for libel. In his last term as Mayor, he was involved in a public debate with Abdol Burns, the representative of the city's Muslim Malay voters, regarding the city's smallpox control policies, which contravened Muslim practices. After attempting to persuade Burns to conform to the citywide policies, Stigant relented, was seen as having lost the debate. Stigant married Mary Ann King, had one daughter, Florence

Billie Lou Watt

Billie Lou Watt was an actress in theater and television, including several voice acting roles for commercials and animated series. She is best known as the original English dub voice of the title characters of the 1960s anime series Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, the character Elsie the Cow for Borden Cheese's TV commercials, a live-action turn playing Ellie Harper Bergman on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. Watt was born in St. Louis, where her career on the stage began at the age of 12 in the role of Becky in a local play based on the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, her first role on a professional stage came two years at the St. Louis Municipal Opera production of The American Way, her first acting role using her voice was heard by listeners of the KMOX radio program The Land We Live In. She graduated from Ritenour High School and Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois before continuing her acting career in the touring company of the play Kiss and Tell; this would lead up to performing on the stages of New York City, with special thanks to George Abbott for hiring her for the play Barefoot Boy with Cheek.

She appeared in Little Women and King of Hearts during her time on Broadway. Watt's first regular role on television was for the 1958 series From These Roots as Maggie Barber Weaver. Watt's career in animation began after she and her husband Hal Studer were suggested by Fred Ladd as actors in his journey into animation, with their first successful project being Astro Boy in 1963. Along the way, Billie Lou and Hal learned how to write character dialog and situations as Ladd brought in more shows to work on, resulting in such series as Kimba the White Lion and Gigantor. Ladd's cast remained close during Watt's career, including her friend Ray Owens, his wife Sonia, Gilbert Mack. Watt returned to acting as herself on the soap opera The Edge of Night in the role of Florence Hatcher in 1967, but her longest TV role would be Ellie Harper Bergman on Search for Tomorrow from 1968 to 1981. In the meantime, Watt continued to provide voice-acting and script-writing duties for English redubs of Japanese anime, such as the 1970s feature-length Jack and the Beanstalk, Taro the Dragon Boy, the Biblical-based TV series Superbook and The Flying House.

In life and her voice became of great help for radio listeners of In-Touch Networks who are visually impaired or blind. Watt's final acting role was the voice of Ma Bagge on the series Courage the Cowardly Dog from 1999 to 2001, she would succumb to lung cancer in New York City that year, leaving her husband Hal and their three children. For her contributions to the entertainment industry, her charitable works, she was inducted into the Ritenour Alumni Hall of Fame in 2005. Billie Lou Watt on IMDb Interview with Billie Lou Watt