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Internatsionalnaya Literatura (Russian: Интернациональная литература, lit. "International literature") was a monthly literary and political magazine published in the Soviet Union from 1933 to 1943. The magazine was based in Moscow. It was published by the International Association of Revolutionary Writers (Russian: Международное объединение революционных писателей, tr. Mezhdunarodnoe obyedinenie revoljutsionnykh pisatelej) until December 1935. Then the Union of Soviet Writers took over. The magazine had Russian, French, English and German editions. The magazine contained literary criticism of both Soviet and foreign literature, a chronicle of the international literary world, and the works of the "approved" authors, such as Romain Rolland, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Wright, Heinrich Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger, William Saroyan, André Maurois, Luigi Pirandello.

Internatsionalnaya Literatura was created as a result of the merge between the magazines The Bulletin of Foreign Literature (Russian: Вестник иностранной литературы, tr. Vestnik inostrannoj literatury), published in 1928 and 1929–1930, and The World Revolution Literature (Russian: Литература мировой революции, tr. Literatura mirovoj revoljutsii), published in 1931–1932.[1] It was shut down 1943 to be restarted in 1955 as Inostrannaya Literatura (ru).