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"Into the New World"
Single by Girls' Generation
from the album Girls' Generation
  • "Beginning"
  • "Perfect for You"
ReleasedAugust 3, 2007
GenreK-pop, Dance-pop, Teen-pop
LabelS.M. Entertainment
Producer(s)Lee Soo-man
Girls' Generation singles chronology
"Into the New World"
"Girls' Generation"
Music video
"Into The New World" on YouTube

"Into The New World" (Korean다시 만난 세계; RRDasi Mannan Segye) is the debut single by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. It was written by Kim Jeongbae and produced by Kenzie, it was released on August 3, 2007, by S.M. Entertainment and distributed by Genie Music, and on August 6 as a physical copy. It was later included on Girls' Generation's debut album (2007).

The group has performed "Into The New World" in a number of live performances on music programs and in all of their Asian concert tours, it was part of the encore of The First Japan Arena Tour (2011), Girls' Generation Tour (2011) and Girls' Generation World Tour Girls & Peace (2013); the group also performed the song during Girls' Generation Asia Tour (2009) and as a remixed version during Phantasia (2015). "Into The New World" won the first music show trophy as for the song and group on October 11, 2007, on Mnet's M Countdown.

Background and release[edit]

The song was produced by the founder and chairman of famous Korean music company S.M. Entertainment, Lee Soo-man.[citation needed] The song's first melodic phrase is identical in pitch content to the main theme of the finale of Antonín Dvořák's ninth symphony, which is subtitled "From the New World."[1]

Music video[edit]

The music video features a small amount of dance scenes; the video starts with a plane landing, followed by a silhouette of the girls forming a line and then dancing. During this, text appears saying “Into the New World, Or Not.. It’s Up to Your Choice.. [sic]”.[2] Throughout the music video, it shows the girls doing activities, either alone or coupled with another member; the activities done by the girls are:

  • Yoona is designing clothes for a boutique.
  • Taeyeon is flying a light aircraft with Sooyoung accompanying her. In the video, the aircraft Taeyeon flies is broken, and she attempts to repair it, with Sooyoung praying; the aircraft is successfully repaired and both of them are happy. In the last scene of the video, Sooyoung is seen chasing after Taeyeon as she flies away in the aircraft.
  • Yuri is a barista, and she is seen making a latte. In one scene, she puts a pot of flowers onto a desk.
  • Hyoyeon is purchasing a pair of white training shoes at a department store, after which she dances on a stairway.
  • Sunny and Jessica are making graffiti. The graffiti says "New World 2007".
  • Tiffany is repairing a scooter (specifically, a Yamaha Fino 115) and repaints its body with pink color with flower motif and customizes its license plate. The customized license plate says "Tiffany" with the Hanja version of "Girls' Generation" above it, it is actually owned by Shindong of Super Junior.[3]
  • Seohyun is doing ballet while holding a paper plane, on the rooftop of a building.[2]

There are two dance settings featured in the video; the first one is a room with a white background, and the second one is a lobby of a shopping mall.[2]


The song was released as a single album on August 3, 2007.[4]

The song was originally first performed by the group in SBS's The Music Trend on August 5, 2007.[citation needed] "Into the New World" reached number one on Mnet's M! Countdown.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

CD single[5] / Digital EP[6]
1."Into the New World" (다시 만난 세계; Dasi Mannan Segye)Kim Jeong BaeKenzieKenzie04:25
2."Beginning"Yoon Hyo SangAnna-Lena Margaretha Hogdahl, Mattias Lindblom, Anders WollbeckHwang Seong Je03:03
3."Perfect for You" (소원; Sowon)Kwon Yun JeongIngrid Skretting (Warner/ Chappell Music Scandinavia AB)Kenzie03:14
4."Into the New World" (Instrumental) KenzieKenzie04:25
Total length:15:07
Digital single – Remix version[7]
1."Into the New World" (Remix)Kim Jeong BaeKenzieKenzie04:30



The physical edition of "Into the New World" debuted at number 5 on the chart for August 2007 compiled by the Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK), selling 10,823 copies in its first month of release,[8] it was the 41st best-selling CD release of 2007 in South Korea, selling 22,818 physical copies in total.[9] In 2010, the single peaked at number 2 on the Gaon Album Chart for the chart issue dated April 18 – 24, based on physical sales,[10] it became the 9th best-selling release of April 2010 in South Korea.[11]


The song experienced a resurgence in 2016 when Ewha Women's University students sang it during part of their peaceful protest against the university whilst facing 1600 police officers.[12] Girls' Generation member Tiffany responded that

As SNSD, it was a proud moment. Right now is the generation for feminists, and it’s an era where messages of women empowering other women are important. I feel like our song played that role, so my heart was happy.


Fellow member Yuri also expressed similar sentiments:

I saw the video several times, and I even cried because my heart was overcome with emotion, it was a moment when I felt a huge sense of pride as a singer. It was a message that I wanted to deliver through my work, and the inspiration that we wanted to deliver through music and performance was being realized, so it was unlike anything else. At the time when we debuted, I didn’t fully understand the lyrics so I might have been imitating it with bright eyes, but as time passes and I listen to the song, the lyrics touch me even more.


During the 2016-17 South Korean protests, the song, along with Twice's "Cheer Up" and Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang", was sung widely in public squares, leading to it becoming the "morning dew" of the young generation and its position as No.1 on Melon's real-time charts almost 10 years after its release.[15][16][17]

Covers and Diagnostic Tool[edit]

This song is often covered in survival shows, special stages of music charts and award shows. In the first season of Produce 101, it was used as one of the debut song missions[18][19], it was also used for the first evaluation in Finding Momoland.[20] In Idol School in 2017, it was used as a preliminary vocal assessment;[21] the 9 winners from the show, Fromis 9, performed the song again for M! Countdown's 600th episode.[22] In 2016 at KBS Gaon Music Awards, GFriend, I.O.I, Twice and Red Velvet covered the song.[23] After Jessica left Girls' Generation, the song was also changed into a ballad version for live concert performances.[24] Hyoyeon also admitted on Secret Unnies that the choreography was prepared as far back as a year before SNSD's debut;[25] the ballad version of the song was used as a diagnostics tool in Produce 48.[26]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2007) Peak
South Korea (MIAK)[8] 5
Chart (2010) Peak
South Korea (Gaon)[10] 2


Country Sales
South Korea (CD) 44,754[27]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Music programs awards[edit]

Program Date Note
Mnet's M Countdown October 11, 2007 First-ever music program win for the group

Release history[edit]

Region Release date Format Label
Worldwide[6] August 2, 2007 Digital EP S.M. Entertainment
South Korea[5] August 3, 2007 CD single
Worldwide[7] September 10, 2007 Digital single – Remix


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