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Ionic or Ionian usually refers to:

  • Ionia, an ancient region in western Anatolia
  • Ionians, one of the four major tribes constituting the ancient Greeks

And several concepts related to either Ionia or its people:

Ionic or Ionian may also refer to:


Science and technology[edit]


  • Ionian, of or relating to Io, a moon of the planet Jupiter


  • Ion, in physics and chemistry, an atom or group of atoms with a net electric charge
    • Ionic bond, a type of chemical bond involving ions
    • Ionic compound, a chemical compound in which ions are held together in a lattice structure by ionic bonds
    • Ionic crystal, a crystal consisting of ions bound together by their electrostatic attraction
    • Ionic equation, a chemical equation in which electrolytes are written as dissociated ions
    • Ionic liquid, a liquid that essentially contains only ions
    • Ionic polarization, polarization caused by relative displacements between ions in ionic crystals
    • Ionic potential, the ratio of electric charge to the radius of an ion
    • Ionic radius, a measure of the size of an ion in a crystal lattice
    • Ionic strength, a function of the concentration of all ions present in a solution
    • Ionic transfer, the transfer of ions from one liquid phase to another


Geography and geology[edit]

  • Ionian Islands, seven Greek islands which lie on the eastern coast of the Ionian Sea
  • Ionian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Southern Italy
  • Ionian Stage, a proposed stage of the Pleistocene epoch, named after the Ionian Sea


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