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The Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) is a non-profit semi-governmental institution, established to facilitate economic growth and development in the country. ICCIMA is a forum in the field of industries, mines and agriculture.


ICCIMA's main functions are:[1]

  • facilitating cooperation among business persons and owners of industries, mines and agricultural units,
  • advising in the implementation of relevant state laws and regulations,
  • providing advisory opinions to the Government on commercial and economic issues,
  • establishing relations with chambers of commerce in other countries. As of 2010, Iran’s Chamber of Commerce had relations with 40 international chambers,[2]
  • establishing joint chambers or committees of commerce, according to the general policies of the Government,
  • seeking to identify export markets for Iranian products and services,
  • creating a suitable entrepreneurship environment and removing business obstacles,[3]
  • settling through arbitration, domestic or international commercial disputes, by establishing the ICCIMA Arbitration Center.

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