Iraqi National List

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Iraqi National List
LeaderAyad Allawi
Founded2005 (2005)
IdeologyBig tent

The Iraqi National List was a coalition of Iraqi political parties who ran in the December 2005 Iraqi elections and got 8.0% of the vote and 25 out of 275 seats.[1]


Prior to the December election the Iraqi list merged with Ghazi al-Yawer's The Iraqis, the most successful Sunni party in the January elections, and the Communist People's Union; the Iraqi National List alliance was created to offer a secular, cross-community alternative - composed of both Sunnis and Shiites - to the religious Shiite United Iraqi Alliance and the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front.[1]

Member parties[edit]

December 2005 election results[edit]

The coalition ended up with 977,325 votes, or 8.0% of the vote, which amounted to 25 out of 275 seats in the Iraqi National Assembly. The following 25 people were nominated as the coalition's representatives:


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