Irati Forest

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Irati Forest

The Irati Forest covers 17,300 h (62,000 ks) of the Navarre (greater region), astride on the Soule (Larrau) and Basse-Navarre (Mendive and Lecumberry) provinces (France) and Navarre (Spain), framed by Mount Okabe (1,466 m) and le pic d'Orhy (2,017 m).


Located in a scarcely populated area, it has kept a wild and mysterious aspect, foddered by many local legends.
The access route was only built in 1964.


Its name stems from the Irati river, which crops up from the meeting of the Urtxuria and Urbeltza.[1]



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Coordinates: 43°00′00″N 1°05′00″W / 43.0000°N 1.0833°W / 43.0000; -1.0833