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Iris de Freitas Brazao
Iris de Freitas Brazao first female lawyer in the Caribbean.jpg
from the postcard that was found
Born29 October 1896
EducationAberystwyth University
Spouse(s)Alfred Casimiro Brazeo

Iris de Freitas Brazao (1896 – 1989) was the first female lawyer in the Caribbean.


Brazao was born in British Guiana. Her father was M. G. de Freitas, a merchant. After a short period studying at Toronto University, she enrolled at Aberystwyth University giving her address as Demarara. She studied botany, Latin and modern languages, law and jurisprudence and took an active part in student life. She graduated with a BA in 1922, and received her LL.B in 1927.[1]

In 1929 she was admitted to the bar as the first woman to practise law in the Caribbean. She was also the first female prosecutor of a murder trial there.[1]

In 1937 she married Alfred Casimiro Brazeo who was a legal draughtsman and several years younger than her. They lived at Georgetown in British Guiana where Iris was still a barrister.[2][self-published source?]


In 2016, staff at her alma mater came across a postcard that featured her. Investigations revealed that she was an Abersystwyth University alumni. In 2016 on International Women's Day her university named a room in her honour.[1]

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